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Jan 14, 2022

Chase Up - A Hypr Success Story

How Chase Up is revolutionizing delivery and increasing sales with XStak Hypr Module.

Background and need for Hypr

More and more quick delivery platforms are emerging in Pakistan. Almost all of them, including Airlift, Pandamart, and Cheetay, pivoted to grocery and medical supplies during the pandemic - offering deliveries in 30 minutes. This has led to large incumbent retailers - Metro, Carrefour, Al-Fatah, Chase Value, Imtiaz, Shaheen & D-Watson, etc. or even small grocery chains such Sarmad store, Naheed, Hatim, etc. - struggle to compete for the e-commerce market share and offer the same quality of service as the new players. Since venture capitalists fund these startups, they have far superior technology and operations set in place - a hefty investment the traditional retailer either wasn't ready or sure about in the middle of the pandemic. Also, as Covid-19 hit Pakistan two years ago, with the lockdowns everywhere and the precautionary homebound approach of the people, there was a sudden hype of home delivery.

One of the few enterprising retailers, Chase Up identified the problem early on and decided to implement what was so successful for the startups - offer quick deliveries. Chase up is one of the largest departmental stores of Pakistan, having six stores in Karachi, 1 in Multan, 1 in Faisalabad, and 1 in Gujranwala. Chase Up offers a complete shopping experience with everything under one roof, from Grocery to Garments to Crockery and much more.

The new business model was to be led by the dynamic duo of Mr Mustafa Bashir and Mr Ahmed Junaidi in the Chase Up management. With over 25 years of retail experience and several brands of their own, they were confident in delivering on price and quality - but how could they possibly manage end-to-end technology? Enter Hypr.

Chase Up Implementation of Hypr

HYPR - a product of Xstak - is a headless, hyper-local commerce, cloud based platform that allows businesses of any size to get orders from nearby customers and then instantly fulfills them. Since it’s headless, it can be integrated with any front-end template, POS, or back-end ERP. Hypr has an advanced order management system for e-commerce. 

After partnering with Hypr, Chase Up has seen phenomenal month over month growth of its e-commerce business. Since Hypr has no capital expense, it took away the need for massive upfront investment in technology. In addition, Hypr's built-in reporting and insights enabled Chase Up to improve operations massively. The objective of Hypr inventory management module is to minimize the cost of holding inventory. Hence Chase Up was able to reduce inventory costs. Hypr order and inventory management modules make a win win situation for e-commerce business owners, customers and all stakeholders.


chase up growth with XStak

Hypr Features

Hypr is the only hyper-local commerce platform optimized for SEO and dynamic retargeting. It originally came with three apps - the customer app (website + Android and iOS apps), the picking & packing, and the delivery app. A fourth app - the seller app, will be launched for Chase Up in the coming months that will allow them to send their agent's door to door and start taking orders.

The customer selects the nearest store and places an order that shows up on both the picking & packing app and the delivery app - alerting the rider about the order so they reach the nearest store on time. Once the order is picked and packed, the rider collects the order and, through route optimization that has been built in Hypr, delivers the order within the promised time.

So, from product onboarding to finding the relevant retailer in the area and tracking down the riders to getting the orders shipped and delivered, the HYPR app offers a one-stop solution for B2B and B2C customers.

Hypr provides a fast and coherent user interface designed for efficient inventory management. Hypr apps help get more work done with less effort by sending scheduled low inventory and location-based stock quantity alerts.

Hypr apps offer a set of easy-to-use product catalogs that can be customized according to your brand preferences. It helps in stock replenishment, location-wise product pricing, and bulk products onboarding by categorizing them as per their attributes.

Customer App

Customer App is a complete functionality builder for online buyers. The buyer can see all nearby stores and add an item to his cart. For payment of his order, consumers have the COD option available all the time.

Hypr customer app

Packer App

Packer App is for the packer role. When a customer places an order in the store, all store packers receive notifications whether they want to pack this order. Only one packer at a time can accept this notification. After accepting, the packer can see all pending packed orders. Now, the task of the packer is to ensure whether stock requested for each item in the order is available or not. Packer can edit requested order quantity only if requested stock is not available in store. The warehouse stock in inventory is already optimized through Hypr advanced inventory management modules. If the packer packed this order, the order is sent for further processing.

hypr packer app

Delivery App

Delivery App is for the delivery role. Hypr delivery app uses an advanced automation module. When a packer packs an order, all delivery boys of this store receive a notification. Only one delivery boy can accept a notification against an order. If a delivery boy accepts an order, now it's his responsibility to pick it up from the store and deliver it to the door within the delivery time.

If the payment gateway is COD, the delivery boy has to pick up the order amount and manually add this in order. In the case of stripe, payment is automatically made. Suppose there is a scenario when no packer or delivery boy picks an order, the store manager can manually assign a packer or delivery boy to this order to make it delivered on time.


hypr delivery app

Future Targets

Today Chase Up has its Ecommerce operations up and running successfully in Karachi and Faisalabad. This has enabled Chase Up to compete with other retail giants in the said areas and attain a leading position with its physical and especially online presence via Hypr.

As a grocery store, pharmacy, or restaurant owner, you can use Hypr to take your e-commerce business to the next level with Hypr advanced business intelligence technology. The next steps include integrating machine learning product recommendations since they have over 32,000 stock keeping units, subscriptions since customers are ordering milk, bread, eggs, etc., daily, and a loyalty management solution that will enable Chase Up to send personalized campaigns. Since people prefer super quick deliveries, Hypr is the only platform available to enable you to automate the entire order journey.

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