February 28, 2024

11 Best Customer Loyalty Management Software in USA for 2024

Customer retention and engagement are arguably two of the most important aspects of the highly competitive e-Commerce landscape. Modern businesses look for ways to convert a high number of one-time shoppers into loyal customers. Apart from a well-designed and scalable marketing strategy, your retail business needs programs to incentivize loyal customers. 

Whether it is through personalized recommendations, loyalty rewards, or other automation features, you need the best loyalty software in USA to improve your customer retention rate and ensure consistent profits.

Loyalty management software are a time-tested and effective approach to increase the likelihood of customers coming back for repeat purchases. You can start with discounts or free items as rewards for making purchases of a certain amount over a period of time.  These programs help e-Commerce retailers in creating an omnichannel experience for customers by sending relevant offers and discounts across multiple touchpoints to improve brand engagement. 

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Customer Loyalty Software Evaluation Criteria

Before selecting the best customer loyalty program software for your business, you need to look at some important factors. First and foremost, you need to check whether the customer loyalty programs software in question has the right features and offers reasonable pricing plans. However, the software needs to offer the right loyalty benefits to suit your specific industry, along with the right integrations and reporting functionalities. 

In the quest for finding the best loyalty software in USA, you need to go through free trials and see how one may be better than the other in terms of benefits. The best loyalty program software must have scalable technical capabilities and integrations that make redeeming rewards easy for customers.

Integration Capabilities

While your brand is rewarding customers for loyalty, there should be no compromise on convenience. Customers should be able to redeem their gift cards and discount coupons without any hassle. 

Customer Loyalty Statistics

Reporting and Analytics

Loyalty management, like every other aspect of eCommerce, requires checks and balance. The right loyalty software in this respect is one that provides you direct access to real-time information about loyalty rewards being distributed. With real-time reporting and analytics, both your business and your customers get a clear view of reward points earned and redeemed. 

Customer Service and Support

With any software solution, there are times when you face difficulties in getting around some of the features or processes. Great customer service and support go hand in hand with loyalty programs, as both are intended for the purpose of improving engagement and retaining customers. In eCommerce, you need to ensure smooth shopping experiences for customers and make them believe that you care about more than just sales. 

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Best Customer Loyalty Management Software in USA for 2024

Now that you know what to look for in loyalty management software, let’s take a look at some of the best available options in the US market. 

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XStak LMS- Best Loyalty Management Software 

Pricing: Transaction-based.

Best for: Enterprises, B2B, and the retail industry.


When it comes to eCommerce, you need highly dynamic software solutions that not only fulfill your specific requirements but also offer personalized recommendations. XStak LMS leverages the best-in-breed AI technology to help execute loyalty strategies that align with customers’ preferences. 

The next-generation omnichannel loyalty management system improves customer retention rates by allowing you to create a wide array of highly granular offers that cover all your product categories. 

XStak LMS is the best loyalty software in USA for enterprises, B2B organizations, and the retail industry. It comes with the right tools that help you monitor the performance of your loyalty programs with real-time data analytics and reporting. 

The best loyalty management software stands out from the rest for its machine learning capabilities. It extracts and utilizes the transactional data of customers and helps generate highly personalized promotions. As a result, you can improve your customer retention rates and benefit from higher profits.


Dynamic customer segmentation: XStak LMS segments your customers for target loyalty campaigns based on their purchasing habits (RFM).

Intuitive rewards management: You can configure an unlimited number of rules for highly personalized rewards. The criteria can be chosen based on time, location, and spending.

Visual rule builder: The loyalty management system allows you to create your own personalized offers with a drag-and-drop visual rule builder. You don’t have to write code and can benefit from reduced time to market. 

Intensive administration and reporting: XStak LMS also generates detailed reports and KPIs to measure the performance of your loyalty program.

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Pricing: Growth Plan starts at $15 per month, Prime Plan starts at $119 per month.

Best for: Small, medium, and large businesses.

Creating memorable customer experiences is the key to success in eCommerce. If you’re looking for a tool that helps create customized rewards for your customers, Yopto is the best option for you. It helps create loyalty programs with reward campaigns, referrals, and tier-based offerings. With advanced customer segmentation and user-generated content, you can maximize engagement and extract higher profits from repeat customers. 

Although Yopto does not offer a free trial, upcoming brands do get a free quick-start plan. It also offers different plans for small, medium, and enterprise-level businesses. While Yopto is considered to be the best loyalty program software for businesses that want to leverage user-generated content, it does cater to generalized requirements as well.

Yotpo loyalty software

The features that make Yopto stand out among the rest of the customer loyalty software include targeted SMS marketing, integrations, and onboarding consultation services. With SMS marketing, you can generate personalized messages to targeted customers and improve their online shopping experience. Similarly, you can present user reviews and ratings throughout your websites with the help of integrations.

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Pricing: Contact vendor.

Best for: Small businesses.

Now that every other eCommerce business knows about loyalty programs and is doing the same thing, you might be looking for something unique. FiveStars loyalty software provides you with just that. It allows you to design unique rewards programs and stay one step ahead of your competition. 

Adopted by businesses in the clothing, health, beauty, and retail industries, the customer loyalty programs software automates your marketing campaigns for maximum business benefits.

The convenient check-in process allows customers to get connected with your brand using nothing more than their mobile number. Simultaneously, a log is created with details of each customer that makes a purchase. Having the right information at the right time allows your business to reward loyal customers and make the most of online traffic with one-time promotions.

FiveStars loyalty software

What’s more? FiveStars also offers an autopilot feature that sends automated notifications to customers as reminders. These engage customers who haven’t shopped with your brand for a while and also allow you to reward loyal customers. For days when you feel like spiking customer engagement, FiveStars’ one-time promotions tool will not let you down.

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Pricing: Contact vendor.

Best for: Retail stores and restaurants

Here is another example of flexible and customizable customer loyalty program software. TapMango provides online ordering and loyalty management solutions for retailers to create memorable shopping experiences. You get to integrate seamlessly with your existing POS system and also allow your customers to earn loyalty points in various ways.

TapMango does not boast a free trial publicly, but it does offer both SMS and email marketing features along with mobile ordering functionality.

TapMango loyalty software

The most notable features of TapMango include its marketing portal that allows you to launch and track the performance of both automated loyalty campaigns and one-off promotions. 

The loyalty software also comes with a branded mobile app that allows your customers to track loyalty points, offers, and the latest promotions. The best loyalty software in USA for small and large retail businesses offers gift cards and preloaded tags. These can be redeemed for money, special products, discounts, or getting access to events.

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Pricing: Starts from $359 per month

Best for: Retail stores and small businesses

When it comes to the specific needs of eCommerce stores, LoyaltyLion is a loyalty management software that checks all the boxes. It is designed to cater to the needs of eCommerce stores and allows you to reward customers for each and every action they perform on your website. 

This helps reduce the risk of churn as you can reach out to customers with exciting offers at any point during their shopping journey. For instance, you can even give out loyalty rewards for actions like sharing your brand’s posts on social media and writing reviews. 

LoyaltyLion loyalty software

That’s not all - LoyaltyLion also integrates with Magento and Shopify stores among various other apps to ensure seamless operations. It also works with your own eCommerce store and its high level of customization makes it feel like an integral part of your business platform.

Automated loyalty emails allow you to inform your customers about the points they have earned over a given period of time. These emails not only encourage customers to spend more on their next purchases but also drive higher traffic to your website as they look for ways to earn more points.

LoyaltyLion’s intuitive dashboard shows you all the right numbers about loyal customers as well as information about revenue being generated by each of them. Using LoyaltyLion, you can identify customers who are at risk of being removed from the loyalty program, and you also get valuable insights about your loyalty program’s performance. 

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Pricing: Starting at $47/month

Best for: Small and medium businesses

If you’re looking for a quick solution to your loyalty management issues, Loyalzoo is another convenient loyalty program software. You can create and deploy your own loyalty programs within minutes. LoyalZoo also offers a customizable punch card interface as customers who use loyalty cards tend to spend more on average as compared to non-card members. 

Loyalzoo loyalty software

Another great thing about LoyalZoo is that it perfectly blends in with your business operations and lets you take control. The powerful integrations allow you to connect your POS system and register loyal customers through email addresses and phone numbers. The loyalty program software also sends emails to customers with notifications about loyalty points.

Aside from the usual features offered by the best loyalty software in USA, LoyalZoo also supports multiple channels. In case you have multiple stores and online channels, your customers can earn and redeem points from all of them. 

Moreover, the software also performs organic marketing for your business, as each check-in on the app appears as a post on the user’s Facebook feed. You can also personalize and brand your loyalty cards with customized logos and colors.

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Loopy Loyalty

Pricing: Starting at $21 per month

Best for: Small businesses.

Most eCommerce business owners consider loyalty management a hassle because they assume it will take too long to set up. However, that’s not the case with Loppy Loyalty, as the software is a breeze to set up. Loved by both businesses and their customers for its convenience, Loopy Loyalty provides real-time updates about credits and links all information related to a customer, including their social media, with the loyalty card.

Loopy Loyalty software

That said, the feature that truly makes Loopy Loyalty stand out in the list of best loyalty software in USA is its support for digital stamp cards in Android Pay and Apple Wallet. You can design, create, and distribute your own digital loyalty cards online and also use them to keep track of transactions. 

Using push notifications, customers are able to see how many loyalty points they have left. The best part about Loopy Loyalty is that your business gets detailed insights about customer journeys in a no-code environment.

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Kangaroo Rewards

Pricing: Starting at $59 per month

Best for: Retail, pop-up stores, and food businesses.

While we are talking about retaining customers, it’s important to understand the importance of omnichannel support in your loyalty program. Kangaroo Rewards is one of the best loyalty program software in USA for this purpose. You get the right tools to create an omnichannel loyalty program with a high level of customization. 

With a 30-day free trial, you can be sure that the loyalty software is a best fit for your business needs. It helps create personalized rewards and allows you to incorporate aspects of your brand identity.

Kangaroo Rewards loyalty software

Based on your customer acquisition, retention, and business growth requirements, Kangaroo Rewards comes in three different price packages. The highlighted features include modules for referrals, contests, raffles, and social media sharing. Local businesses and merchants can leverage email, SMS marketing, and customer-data-driven features to get a complete automated loyalty program. 

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Annex Cloud

Pricing: Contact vendor

Best for: Retail, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Food & Beverage

Moving on, this blog post would be incomplete without mentioning enterprise-ready loyalty program software. Annex Cloud takes your loyalty management game above and beyond customer engagement and allows you to gather unique insights from customer journeys. 

Annex Cloud loyalty software

By far the best part about Annex Cloud loyalty program software is its analytical capability. It offers ongoing analytics that helps your brand learn about customer loyalty as you grow. With the help of progressive member profiling, you understand what makes customers stick around for longer. 

That’s not all, Annex Cloud also performs advanced segmentation of customers and makes it easier for your brand to categorize loyalty rewards accordingly. With such advanced customer loyalty programs software, you have more room for innovation and growth.

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Pricing: Starting at $129/month

Best for: Retail, auto repair, restaurants, healthcare

The next in the list of the best loyalty program software in USA is Belly, which is especially known for its multi-business digital loyalty program. It allows you to create your customer loyalty program using your iPad, where customers can check-in and earn points.

Belly loyalty management software

Belly’s intuitive features make for a convenient experience for customers by allowing them to check their loyalty points and rewards using the Belly app. 

One downside of Belly app is that it brings together various brands under one dashboard, making it difficult for eCommerce brands to build their own identity through a customized loyalty program. That said, apart from improving engagement, the Belly app also allows businesses to personalize and localize rewards by tracking the online activity of users.

<div id="997" fs-test-element="Alyce"></div> 


Pricing: Contact vendor

Best for: B2B organizations.

Last but not least, Alyce is a loyalty program software that offers one-to-one rewards to eCommerce prospects and customers to help develop long-lasting relationships. What makes Alyce special is its loyalty solution for B2B businesses with personalized rewards. By tracking and using the personal interests of customers, the system creates highly relevant and personalized recommendations. 

Alyce loyalty software

Although you have to contact Alyce software service providers for pricing and a free trial, one thing you can be sure about is the system’s content customization capability. You get to create customized video landing pages that are the best way to engage customers during their online shopping journey.

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Selecting the Perfect Customer Loyalty Software for Your Business

Clearly, you are not short of options to choose the best loyalty software in USA. Looking at the services and unique features offered by each of the service providers mentioned above, you must be wondering which one is best for your business. 

The answer to that question lies within the words ‘your business’. You need to consider the scale, type, and specific needs of your business before you can select the right loyalty management software.

One of the few aspects that remain common for all business types is the ability to customize and automate your loyalty programs. Getting valuable insights from customer journeys allows you to take complete control and reward the right customers at the right time. 

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Key Takeaways

Considering the similarities and differences in the 11 best loyalty program software in USA, the decision to select one of them lies within your business model. Whether you prefer personalized rewards or referrals and contests, the end goal here is to reward loyal customers and encourage them to stay with your brand for future purchases.

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