Order Management System

XStak Order Management System is a cloud-based, distributed inventory and multichannel order management system, that helps you automate multi location, real time inventory synchronisation from offline to online channels. It also automates end to end order management from the moment a customer places an order, on any of your channels.

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Provide best in class shopping experience to your customers, offering multiple ways to shop effortlessly.

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Why Order Management System?

Omnichannel Commerce

XStak OMS provides you with real-time inventory visibility, enabling you to put your entire inventory online without having to keep buffer stocks. This increases your sell-through rate and significantly reduces your inventory carrying costs, clearance sales costs and inaccurate order costs.

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reduce fulfillment times

Reduced Fulfillment Times

XStak OMS provides you with the ability to book your orders with multiple couriers and monitor location-specific, courier-wise performance. With XStak's OMS machine learning powers, you can choose the best couriers that suit you at each location and reduce your fulfilment costs and times.

Improved Customer Service

XStak OMS provides you access to centralized, real-time inventory and order status data from all your fulfilment locations which helps you improve your customer service.

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Order Management

Automate order management from the moment a customer places an online order until it is shipped by a 3PL logistics partner

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Inventory Management

Real-time inventory and order sync between your web store and multiple physical locations, with integrations for POS and ERP systems

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Inventory Optimization

Inventory optimization through historical data analysis, stock shuffling, forecasting and ML-based recommendations.

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Enterprise Resource Planning

All products, orders and customers are managed in a single place through seamless integrations with E-commerce, POS, ERP, Accounting and Shipping platforms.

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Logistics and Supply Chain

Track all orders, packages and their shipping status in real-time, providing top-notch customer service

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Multi Courier Booking

XStak OMS provides you with the ability to book your orders across multiple couriers, whether local or global, based on their performance; thus eliminating issues and delays.

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Business Intelligence

XStak OMS collects, interprets and visually represents sales, inventory and marketing insights, and ensures that you stay ahead of the curve.

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XStak OMS provides a comprehensive and secure REST API that allows deep integration of any client.

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Role-Based User Accounts

XStak OMS is designed to assist different users to carry out their e-commerce operations. Business managers, Store managers and Customer Service personnel can carry out their respective roles.

SMS And Email Alerts

SMS and Email Alerts

Xstak OMS sends SMS and email notifications to customers to keep them updated on their order status. An email and SMS alert is also sent to the respective store managers on order assignments to their locations.

Case Studies

Case Study

Bonanza Satrangi

Bonanza Satrangi’'s warehouse team received over 5,000 orders a day from various cities nationwide, manually assigning these orders to the nearest fulfillment location, where the required inventory is also available. This was a hugely time-consuming task and increased the risk of human error.

The Results
Orders Processed Per Day
Increase in Daily Revenue/Sale
Bonanza Satrangi Shopify
EGO OE Success Story
Case Study


Courier companies are often the trickiest part of the order delivery mechanism, but they are also just as essential. EGO wanted to avoid booking all orders to a single courier to mitigate the risk of backlogs and slow deliveries.

The Results
Annual GMV Increased
Repeat Purchases Increased

What People Say About Us

Saif Rehman

Saif Rehman

Director, Zara Shahjahan

XStak's Order and Inventory Management system overtime has helped us track all orders and their shipping status in real time which helped us to improve our customer service with a 60% growth in our sales. Would highly recommend XStak for Modern Retailers

Huzaifa Siddiqui

CEO, Insignia

''The best thing about XStak is the customizations they offer in their Order & Inventory Management System. We are able to manage all our orders, customers and products in a single place without too many integrations’’

Nida, E

Commerce Head - Bonanza

"At Bonanza, we were looking to improve our operational efficiencies by decreasing delivery time and cost. Xstak product OMS helped us achieve this with it’s integrated omnichannel order and inventory systems. Our ecommerce performance has improved immensely and we are confident that we will attain further heights with Xstak."

Zeeshan Shafiq

Manager E-commerce, Maria B

’We've been with XStak for more than 10 years and we're extremely satisfied with their platforms and support team.  They offer brilliant, optimized and user-friendly Control Panels for XStak’s OMS & POS that come packed with a vast range of powerful and flexible features including extraordinary/detailed reporting . XStak teams are faster, dedicated, passionate, and  excellent in support and giving the best solutions . I'd highly recommend XStak’’
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What is the pricing of XStak’s OMS?


XStak’s OMS is available on a transaction pricing model. You don’t have to pay hefty setup or yearly fees like other incumbent order management softwares.

What platforms is XStak’s OMS compatible with?


XStak is compatible with all the leading storefronts. With its API-First approach you can easily create adapters with any third party systems as well. To see full integrations visit

Does XStak’s OMS send SMS & Email notifications to customers and store managers?


Customers are notified about their order status through SMS and email notifications sent by XStak's OMS. An email and SMS alert is also sent to the respective store managers on order assignments to their locations.

Does XStak integrate with 3PL partners?


Yes, XStak integrates with all the major 3PL partners, XStak’s OMS also offer the functionality of automated courier booking with these 3PL partners

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