XPay for Restaurants

Embedded Payments Solution

Transform your restaurant's transactions with an embedded payments solution! Experience quick and secure payments directly on your restaurant's app or website.

  • No Redirects To Third Party Payment Pages
  • Similar Checkout Experience Like Careem or Foodpanda
  • Secure Card Details With Tokenization
  • Bank-Specific Online Discounts
  • Get Paid With Payment Links
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Seamless Payments Experience For Your Customers

No Redirects To Third Party Payment Pages

Experience the convenience of in-app and on-site payments with our solution. Unlike traditional methods, there's no need to navigate away from your restaurant's digital space. This seamless integration means your customers can complete transactions without the distraction or inconvenience of being redirected to third-party payment pages.

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Secure Card Details With Tokenization

Our embedded payments solution uses advanced tokenization to safeguard your customers' card details. For restaurant owners, this means offering your customers peace of mind with every transaction, ensuring compliance with security standards, and building a reputation for reliability and safety in online transactions.

Similar Checkout Experience Like Careem or Foodpanda

Leverage a checkout process trusted by millions, mirroring the ease and efficiency of platforms like Careem and Foodpanda. Our embedded payments solution is designed to offer a familiar experience to your customers, fostering trust and comfort.

enhanced customer experience
quick onboarding

Bank-Specific Online Discounts

Elevate your promotional strategies with our tailored bank-specific discount feature. This innovative aspect of our payment solution allows your restaurant to offer exclusive discounts to customers using credit or debit cards from specified banks.

Get Paid With Payment Links

With XPay payment links, your customers will receive a payment link for their Cash-on-Delivery (COD) orders. They can conveniently make their payment before the rider arrives and our system will notify your riders.

Tap into a wider customer base and expand your business horizons by accepting payments through SMS, email, and social media

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Ready to Plug & Play?

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Why XPay?

On top of complete embedded payments solution, you are also getting:

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PCI-DSS Compliant

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Transparent Pricing


Multiple Payment Methods

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Settlement Reconciliation

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Advanced Analytics

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Automated Emails

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24/7 Support

Customer Success

Baked’s Journey with XPay's Embedded Checkout Solution

Baked.pk, a prominent marketplace for food brands, was facing a significant challenge in its online transaction process.

Challenge: Baked struggled with customer dissatisfaction and high cart abandonment due to redirects to third-party payment pages, impacting overall sales.

Baked.pk partnered with XPay to integrate an embedded payments system into their platform. The implementation of XPay's solution meant that customers could now complete their transactions directly on Baked.pk’s website or app, without any redirections.

enhanced customer experience

Results with XPay

On top of complete embedded payments solution, you are also getting:

  • Seamless in-app and website payments
  • Increased customer trust and security with tokenization
  • Reduced cart abandonment and improved conversion rates
  • Personalized promotions with bank-specific discounts

This streamlined approach showcases the significant benefits Baked.pk experienced after integrating XPay's embedded payment solution.


What payment types can I take with XStak's XPay?


XPay supports a variety of payment types, including credit cards, debit cards, and digital wallets, providing flexibility for your customers.

Is XStak XPay Safe?


Absolutely. XPay is PCI DSS compliant, employs robust security measures, and utilizes tokenization for an extra layer of protection, ensuring the safety of sensitive customer payment information.

How Quickly Can I Onboard with XPay and Start Accepting Payments?


With XPay, onboarding is a breeze. If you already have merchant IDs from MPGS and Cybersource, the process is expedited. Some merchants integrated XPay within 48 hours, thanks to our constant support.

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