Point of Sale

XStak POS is an omnichannel cloud-based point of sales system that enables retailers to sell to online and offline customers at their physical locations, without the need for any specific hardware while providing data security & real-time reporting into store operations.

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Point of Sale System

Fulfill your online orders from the store and provide your customers with multiple shopping options like ‘ship from store’ and ‘pick up from store’ and ‘return at store’ by integrating your order management system with XStak POS

Why Point of Sale?

Works Offline & Online

Continue your operations in the absence of a network connection and sync your data once you connect to the network. Your data is automatically backed up so you won't lose it

Avoid Overstocking and stockouts
no downtime

Avoid Overstocking and Stockouts

Centralized and real-time inventory visibility at all physical locations help avoid overstocking and stockouts

Use Customer Data on Other Platforms

XStak POS has a built-in CRM module so you can save customer data and use it on other commerce and marketing platforms

use customer data on other platforms


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Cloud Hosted POS

Access your POS data anywhere and get the best speed at all times running your application with a cloud-based POS system

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Centralized Inventory Management

Access and manage centralized and real-time inventory from multiple stores in multiple locations on one dashboard

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Inventory Transfer and Adjustments

Transfer inventory within your locations with transfer in / transfer out functionality. Manually record damaged or stolen goods, return and adjust stock.

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Staff Management

Manage team hierarchy & assign different roles to users with different permissions as per your requirements

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Stock Control

Generate purchase orders, Manage ordered stock from your suppliers, and generate “goods received” notes for stock received from suppliers

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Mobile Version

The responsive version gives the user a complete POS experience, allowing staff to support the customer with their online or in-store purchase

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Audit Module

XStak POS has an inbuilt audit module that allows stores to tally their physical inventory with the system

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Multi-Device Compatibility

Xstak POS is compatible with multiple devices like barcode scanners for product identification and printers for receipt printing

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Custom Receipt Templates

XStak POS allows custom templates for businesses to adjust receipts according to their own requirement

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API First Platform

Integrate with any platform with XStak POS API first approach. XStak POS also provides consumable APIs for sale orders, inventory management, catalog management & discounts management

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Business Intelligence

Get real-time reporting into store operations with sales reports like sales summary, inventory level summary and e-commerce sales summary

What People Say About Us

Julia Sukhanova

Julia Sukhanova

Co-Founder, Nature Hedonist

"We are a Dubai-based clothing company with our own brand, and we have an extensive range of collections, each featuring numerous items in a variety of sizes and colors, totaling over 1000 SKUs. To manage our vast inventory, both offline and online, we needed a real-time, user-friendly stock management system. After an extensive search, we chose to partner with XStak, and it's been a decision we haven't regretted. Looking forward to a long and prosperous collaboration."

Zeeshan Shafiq

Manager E-commerce, Maria B

’We've been with XStak for more than 10 years and we're extremely satisfied with their platforms and support team.  They offer brilliant, optimized and user-friendly Control Panels for XStak’s OMS & POS that come packed with a vast range of powerful and flexible features including extraordinary/detailed reporting . XStak teams are faster, dedicated, passionate, and  excellent in support and giving the best solutions . I'd highly recommend XStak’’
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What is the pricing of XStak’s POS?


XStak’s POS is available on a transaction based pricing model. You don’t have to pay hefty setup or yearly fees like other incumbent POS softwares

Is there a mobile version of the cloud-based POS?


Yes, XStak’s POS works in the browser and it can also be used as an app on your mobile or your desktop.

How much onboarding time is required?


You can onboard XStak’s POS within less than a day. To learn more about the steps of onboarding you can visit

Can XStak’s POS be integrated with Shopify and other third-party systems?


It is very easy to integrate with Shopify and other modern systems because of our API-First approach. XStak’ POS is also integratable with legacy point of sale softwares. To see all integrations visit

Make Retail Simple with XStak’s POS

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