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Start, build, and grow your e-commerce business with our secure payment module. XPay offers convenience, increases customer trust and simplifies the online shopping journey.

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XPay Checkout - Our Direct Payment Page

Integrate XPay Checkout into your website and transform your payment process into a hassle-free experience for both merchants and customers.

Our user-friendly interface and comprehensive range of payment options ensure a smooth checkout journey, reducing cart abandonment rates and propelling your conversion rates to new heights.


XPay Fusion API - Embedded Payments Experience

Discover the versatility of XPay Fusion API, our adaptable sub-module designed for developers to seamlessly integrate payments into their websites and applications.

Utilizing a variety of SDKs and APIs, XPay Fusion API simplifies the customization of the payment experience, ensuring a streamlined and tailored checkout process for your users.


Integrations: Connect effortlessly with our integrations for a seamless experience.

Real-time Onboarding: Swift onboarding, real results—get started instantly within hours.

Multiple Payment Methods: Offer flexibility with diverse payment options like Cards, Wallets, BNPL etc.

Bring Any Merchant ID, We'll Integrate!

Our platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with all kinds of merchant IDs, ensuring flexibility and accessibility for all.
XPay is your universal solution.

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Advanced Features

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XPay 1Tap Wallet

XPay 1Tap Wallet allows customers to securely store their card details for seamless payments. With the XPay, customers can make payments in just a few clicks, without the need to enter their card details every time. It's a safe and convenient way to make payments on-the-go.

It is an advanced security measure that ensures customers' payment information is kept safe. With tokenization, sensitive data is replaced with unique tokens, providing an extra layer of protection against fraud.

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BIN Discounts

Tap into the power of Bank Identification Numbers (BINs) for personalized discounts that directly impact your bottom line. Our targeted approach ensures you save more with every transaction, making your payment experience both efficient and cost-effective.

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Federated Links

XPay Federated Links is an innovative solution that provides an alternative payment method for cash on delivery (COD) orders. Couriers can now create secure payment links on behalf of retailers and effortlessly share them with customers. This approach ensures a smoother payment process for customers, retailers & couriers.

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PCI DSS Compliant

Our platform is Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant. We prioritize the highest standards of security to protect sensitive information, guaranteeing a secure environment for all transactions and reinforcing trust with your users.

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Gain valuable insights into your payment ecosystem with our robust analytics feature. Track transaction trends, user behaviors, and other key metrics to make informed business decisions

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Automated Emails

Our Confirmation Email system keeps your customers informed in real-time about their payment statuses, ensuring transparency and trust.

Simultaneously, our intuitive Abandoned Cart Email feature re-engages customers who left without completing their purchases, effectively reducing cart abandonment rates.

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Settlement Reconciliation

Simplify your financial management with XPay's Settlement Reconciliation feature. Easily upload the settlement report you receive from your bank directly onto the XPay portal.

Once uploaded, you can seamlessly mark payments as settled, ensuring accurate and efficient tracking of your financial transactions.

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