XPay is an embedded payments solution that enables retailers to collect offline and online payments from their customers instantly.

  • XPay Checkout
  • XPay Fusion APIs
  • XPay Payments App
  • XPay Payment Links API
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Simplify Your Payments with XPay's Modular System

Say goodbye to complicated payment processes and hello to seamless transactions with the following components:


XPay Checkout - Our Direct Payment Page

Allows merchants to accept payments directly on their website. With a user-friendly interface and a range of payment options, XPay Checkout streamlines the checkout process, reducing cart abandonment rates and increasing conversion rates

multiple types of payments

XPay Fusion API - Our Embedded Payments SDKs and API

XPay Fusion API is our flexible sub-module that allows developers to embed payments into their apps and websites. With a range of SDKs and APIs, XPay Fusion API makes it easy to customize the payment experience and streamline the checkout process.

XPay Payments App

XPay Payments app is our wallet app that allows customers to securely store their card details for seamless payments. With the XPay Payments app, customers can make payments in just a few clicks, without the need to enter their card details every time. It's a safe and convenient way to make payments on-the-go.

enhanced customer experience
quick onboarding

XPay Payment Links API

Allows merchants to generate shortened links to digitize payments. With XPay Payment Links API, merchants can create a personalized payment link and share it with their customers via email, SMS, or social media. It's a simple and convenient way to accept payments without the need for a website or app.

Why XPay?

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Multiple types of Payments

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Enhanced Customer Experience

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Quick Onboarding


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BIN Discounts

By leveraging the power of Bank Identification Numbers, we can provide targeted discounts that maximize your savings.

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Premium security

Protect data with PCI-DSS compliance and End-to-end encryption for all transactions

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Effective Usability

State of the art admin panel and customer experience UI/UX

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Seamless Refunds

Offer complete and partial refunds to your customers instantaneously

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Custom payments link

Instantaneously generate custom payment link to receive payments from your customers

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Confirmation Emails

Keep your customers updated with emails about payment status

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Keep a unified view of the all the payment channels

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Settlement reconciliation

Upload your settlement report received from your bank and mark payments as settled on XPay portal

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Custom Reports

Offering customized date/time reports for reconciliation

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Abandoned Cart Emails

For failed/incomplete online transactions send abandoned cart emails

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Offer seamless integrations with all store platforms

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APIs and Webhooks

Empowering your business with the tools to seamlessly integrate payment links, APIs, and webhooks

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MPGS and Cybersource

Transforming payments experience with ease using our optimized solution built on top of MPGS and Cybersource


Is XPay PCI-DSS compliant?


Yes, XPay is PCI-DSS compliant - which helps to prevent data breaches and meet global security standards.

How quickly can retailers onboard XPay?


With XPay you can avoid lengthy documentation and long steps that helps you to stay efficient.

How are customers informed about failed transactions?


XPay enables retailers to inform their customers for failed/incomplete transactions and send abandoned cart emails.

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