Deliver a unified shopping experience to your customers on all your sales channels with XStak's Retail-Tech Solution.

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A Complete RetailTech Solution

Order Management System

  • Omnichannel order processing
  • Automated order assignment and booking
  • Multiple courier integrations
  • Flag duplicate and fake orders
  • Centralized customer service
  • Business intelligence
order management system
inventory management system

Inventory Management System

  • Integration with offline stores
  • Sync offline inventory online
  • Centralized inventory visibility
  • Maximize sell-through rate
  • Inventory forecasting and ageing
  • Avoid clearance sales and buffer stock

Cloud Based POS

  • Organize your inventory, print receipts, and receive payments.
  • Easy-to-use Mobile-responsive Interface
  • Multi-store visibility
  • No specific hardware needs
  • Data Security
  • Integrated with loyalty solution
  • Data analytics and insights
cloud based pos
warehouse management system

Warehouse Management System

  • Automate packing and delivery operations.
  • Bring efficiency to your quick commerce operations
  • Enhance delivery efficiency by route optimization
  • Send real time notifications to customers at each step

Logistics Management System

  • Book orders with multiple couriers
  • Complete courier performance analytics
  • Get real time status updated by couriers
  • Fulfillment through own fleet or 3PLs
logistics management system
multichannel commerce

Multichannel Commerce

  • Display your catalog on multiple sales channels including website, physical stores and marketplaces
  • Integrate sales and inventory across these sales channels
  • Offer modern customer experience like BOPIS, BORIS and Return in store
  • Put your entire inventory on multiple channels and change in realtime

Product Information Management

  • Manage your product information on one platform by creating categories, products and variants
  • Easily import product catalogs through CSV files or connect to third-party systems
  • Connect your product data to all sales channels including website, mobile, social media, physical stores and marketplaces
  • Control which products are shown on which sales channels
  • Automate your procurement process by connecting vendors with PIM
product information management
market place vendor management

Marketplace Vendor Management

  • Manage vendors selling on your marketplace
  • Fulfill the orders placed on your marketplace by consumers
  • Optimize delivery processes for all brands
  • Brand-wise performance evaluation

Our RetailTech Modules

Order Management System

Distributed Order & Inventory Management System

Point of Sale

Cloud Based POS

Manage all retail operations at one place

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