June 24, 2024

5 Best Order Management System Apps for Shopify in 2024

Shopify is a leading eCommerce platform with substantial growth worldwide, including in Pakistan. According to recent stats, Pakistan’s market is expanding in the number of online stores. There are currently, 27,836 live Shopify stores operating in Pakistan. Shopify stores increased by 25.8% in the first quarter of 2024. The top three categories for Shopify stores in Pakistan are apparel, beauty/ fitness, and home and garden products.

Retailers using Shopify can add a strong order management system. It can make a big difference in managing inventory. They can better manage the process of orders and efficient delivery. It will lead to customer retention, satisfaction, and operational efficiency. Are you interested in one of the best order management systems for Shopify in Pakistan? Or, are you looking for the best Shopify order management app? The right tools transform your business.

The growing market in Pakistan motivates businesses to adopt advanced solutions. For example, they adopt a Shopify order management app.

This blog will review the best OMS apps for Shopify in 2024, their features, and their benefits. 

Why Do You Need an Order Management System for Your Shopify Store?

Integrating a Shopify order management system is essential to optimize business performance. This is especially true if you are a retailer in Pakistan. You benefit from the right OMS in terms of:

Order Processing 

The best order management system for Shopify automates the process. The automation covers order verification, payment processing, and shipping coordination. It also cuts error risk. It speeds delivery and improves the customer experience. Outfitters Official Online Store is a popular example. It integrates an order management system with its Shopify store. It will lead to successful omnichannel order fulfillment. More orders are pushed for processing in little time. 

Inventory Management 

A reliable Shopify order management system maintains precise inventory records. You will always know about the stock in hand, and when it is low. Limelight, a Lahore-based retailer, uses Shopify OMS to manage inventory at many locations. This reduces their discrepancies. It also ensures their popular items are always in stock. 

Multi-Channel integration 

Selling on multiple platforms requires one of the most comprehensive OMS. Retail brands in Pakistan, such as Bonanza Satrangi opt for a multi-channel integration. They manage online store orders and physical outlets. They also use the Shopify order management system to handle social media platforms.


Detailed reporting is a key feature in a Shopify order management app. It is valuable for retailers. For instance, Alkaram is a retail brand in Pakistan utilizing OMS reporting capabilities of their OMS. it gives them insights into sales patterns. It also identifies their customer preferences. Such data helps to improve marketing strategies to meet their customer demands. 

Order Management System for Your Shopify Store

The benefits of integrating a Shopify order management app boost business performance. On the other hand, a lack of OMS can create issues for Shopify store owners. Some of these common challenges are: 

  • Manual tracking of inventory is time-consuming and increases the risks of errors. 
  • Manual processing of orders can cause delays and errors in delivery. It can make customers unhappy. 
  • Lack of integration can lead to misleading sales. It can create confusion about stock availability. 
  • With no comprehensive reporting tool, sales and operations will be slow. 

So, Pakistani retailers can beat these challenges. They can simplify work with the best order management system

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Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best OMS Software for Shopify

Did you get an order wrong? It is a nightmare for any online retailer. Integrating a good order management system for Shopify creates an exceptional customer experience. There are some factors to focus on when choosing the best OMS software for Shopify. 

Ease of Use and Integration with Shopify

The main factor is how well the order system connects to Shopify. A seamless integration allows one to sync data easily. It also needs to be user-friendly and enable employees to operate it easily. It shouldn’t take long for a person to learn dashboard essentials. 

Features and Functionality

Most omnichannel eCommerce order management systems have a main store. It can be on Magento, WooCommerce, or Shopify. They may also sell through online marketplaces like Daraz. If a customer places an order on an online store, you can link every active platform you sell on. You can manage prices, and inventory levels across many channels. You can also track performances. 

Pricing and Value for Money

While a cost-effective system is important, ensuring the OMS you choose is worth every penny is equally important. Always evaluate the pricing structure an OMS for Shopify has to offer. Some retailers find the best OMS. It has robust features and great customer support, but it is expensive. They lack other essential functionalities. It’s best to try a demo to see if the tool offers value for money. 

Customer Support and Reviews

An effective order management system integrates a fulfillment system. It provides customer support to keep customers updated on their orders. When a relevant update alerts the system, it is sent to the customer. It shapes the customer experience and so, they leave a good review of the product. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best OMS Software for Shopify

Scalability and Flexibility

A retailer wants to grow their customer base and business operations. A lack of OMS can impact these operations. The best OMS will allow integration with a third-party tool as well. You do not need to manually integrate the system. It will help with scalability as you integrate existing eCommerce systems. The best Shopify OMS will ensure your business remains organized and runs smoothly. 

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5 Best Order Management System Apps for Shopify in Pakistan 

1. XStak Order Management System  


A multichannel order management system is best renowned for its scalability and flexibility. XStak OMS is a cloud-based OMS. Shopify stores should synchronize from offline to online channels. The system tracks and maintains the customer’s data in detail. You can place and manage many orders at once. You can do this across multi-sales channels. The process steps include; 

  • Order Placement 
  • Order Receiving 
  • Product picking (assigning)
  • Products Packing
  • Order Shipping
  • Order Delivering

XStak OMS Features are: 

  • Complete order lifecycle management. It goes from order landing to location assignment. Then, to logistics assignment and delivery and returns. We ensure that orders are fulfilled quickly and with minimal manual effort.
  • Multi-languages support. Offers more than 4 languages; English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese etc. 
  • Automate fulfillment operations. Provide auto location, courier, order splitting, and order status update features.
  • Automates data sync between online & offline channels. There is no need to make manual updates.
  • SMS and email alerts. Notify customers for order status updates. 
  • Role-based user accounts. Assists users in performing e-commerce operations. 
  • Comprehensive API. Allows a deep integration of any platform etc. 

Price: Free (demo), Transactional Model 

2. Stock&Buy

Qoblex shopify OMS

You can better manage your inventory and costs with the help of this order and inventory management tool. You can generate listings with Stock & Buy. You can sync listings and inventory levels in real-time across stores. 

Retailers can effectively oversee purchased orders, track expenses, and monitor gains and losses. The reports include inventory estimates. They are for precise planning, low stock, and stock on hand.

It enables you to efficiently move merchandise from one location to another and manage it across several warehouse sites. You can easily manage the inventory of components, finished goods, and sub-assemblies across various sites in real-time using its bundling and kitting capability.

Prominent features include: 

  • Keep an eye on buyers, products and stores performance. 
  • You may effectively plan and avoid overstocking or understocking by using demand forecasts.
  • Order and payment delays are reported in the transaction history tracker.
  • Organize your inventory across several warehouse sites with efficiency.
  • Easy returns and restocking.

Price: Basic plan ($149/m)

3. Orderify

Orderify shopify OMS

Online buyers frequently make ordering errors and examine the cancellation policy before purchasing. Orderify allows users to amend and cancel orders independently. Orderify facilitates easy order reordering for customers to boost revenues as well. Orderify boosts orders lowers the cost of customer service, and enhances the customer experience. 

*Note: Orderify must cancel the first order and reload the goods in the shopping cart to provide your consumer with complete editing options when it comes to order editing.

Some of the features include: 

  • Order cancellations are independent of your customers.
  • Orders can be edited independently by your customers.
  • Any prior order placed by your clients can be readily reordered.

Price: Free, Basic ($15.99/m)

4. Order Tagger ‑ Auto Tags Flow

Order Meger OMS

Order Tgger increases automation. It means the order management workflows are more efficient. It also saves time. Your order fulfillment process is synchronized with customer engagements. Retailers can custom-build their own workflows with full flexibility. You can add dynamic tags, deactivation dates, and more details. 

It supports multiple languages like English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Chinese (Simplified), Thai, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Turkish, Norwegian, Polish, Czech, Korean, and Finnish. It works with Shopify Flow, Zapier, Flow, Zapiet, and Segment. 

Prominent features include: 

  • Utilize auto tags to save time by initiating essential order management tasks.
  • Make as many custom workflows as you like based on specific business requirements.
  • On the Shopify Admin Page, interact with orders, shipping, and fulfillment partners.
  • To collect information and link previous orders to new workflows, use backdate tags.
  • Thousands of apps may be connected to using Zapier to create fully automated workflows.

Price: Starter plan ($5.99/m)

5. Order Merger | Combine orders

SC ORder agger OMS

Order Merger allows retailers to merge multiple orders into a single order. It is possible on autopilot mode. Retailers are big on saving time to better work on customer experience. With Order Merger retailers can easily track multiple orders. You can choose two or more orders and merge them into a single order. Customers are notified. They can also be offered a shipping cost refund.       

Order Merger prominent features include: 

  • Automated merge - merging orders based on criteria. 
  • Customers are notified via email when orders are merged. 
  • Order actions (like order tags or notes) are shown with merged and original orders. 
  • Manually selection of orders to merge.   

Price: Basic plan ($9.99/m)

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How to Implement an OMS in Your Shopify Store

There are three easy steps to follow to implement an order management system in your Shopify store in an easy way: 

Step 1:

Click on the Setting module from the sidebar. 

shopify order and inventory management sc

Step 2:

Select Sales Channels from the dropdown menu - The brand can set up its sales channels using the "Sales Channels" module. OE offers integration for WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento. If a brand has multiple sales channels, it can choose which to use as its primary channel and which to activate or disable.

configure channels OMS

Step 3:

Select Configure New Channel for configuration. 

The whole process of OMS implementation is automated. XStak provides end-to-end order management with valuable insights. Retailers can facilitate customer orders across multi-locations and sales channels. 


What is the best Order & Inventory management system for Shopify?  

XStak OMS is one of the best order and inventory management systems for Shopify. It enables retailers to keep track of inventory, increases the sell-through rate, and reduces inventory carrying costs. It also reduces fulfillment time with multiple couriers. 

Does Shopify offer an order management system in Pakistan?

Yes, XStak OMS is integrated with Shopify and other offline channels. A retailer in Pakistan can integrate this OMS Shopify app based on their location. 

How can an OMS improve my Shopify store's operations in Pakistan?      

Implementing an OMS like XStak enhances the operational efficiency of Shopify stores in Pakistan. For instance, XStak allows centralized order processing, inventory management, automated workflows, improved customer experience, etc. 

Are there any Shopify OMS solutions in Pakistan supporting multiple languages and currencies?  

Yes, XStak OMS is a prominent example of Shopify OMS solutions in Pakistan. It caters to the needs of Pakistani retails. It offers features to enhance usability and be effective in multi-lingual and multi-currency environments. 

Can I integrate my Shopify store with local Pakistani shipping carriers using an OMS?  

Yes, you can integrate the Shopify store with Pakistani shipping carriers using an OMS like XStak. It brings several advantages such as carrier integrations, automated shipping process, and real-time tracking. It improves the overall local shipping and shopping experience. 


There are many ways to manage Shopify store orders. Pakistani retailers can integrate Shopify order management apps. With such apps, one can view an order, and its timeline, check an order’s currency, attach an order tag, and utilize a lot of tools. Retailers can easily manage multiple sales channels with OMS. As a software solution, it helps to maintain customer relationships and boost revenue. It also improves the efficiency of operations. Setting up an online store with Shopify can bring huge success with the right integrations. 

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