Apr 4, 2023

5 Best (POS) Point of Sale Systems in Saudi Arabia 2023

Running a retail business in the competitive landscape of Saudia Arabia?

Whether you consider streamlining business operations or keeping sales records, it’s natural to face operational issues unless you invest in a robust POS system.

Let’s face it, managing and scaling your business is a tough task when you do not know how well your products are selling. Then there is inventory management, payment processing, integrations, and customer records.

The fast-paced retail industry does not wait for businesses that struggle to manage their operations efficiently and keep up with the latest trends. While it’s obvious that you need to do more than just keeping cash records, here is the question you need to ask yourself:

How to find the best POS software in Saudi Arabia?

Today’s customers demand a consistent shopping experience across multiple channels and touchpoints. This implies that the POS you are going to choose must have the right integrations and data synchronization capabilities to ensure a cohesive customer experience.

Before we start looking at our top 5 picks for the best POS system in Saudi Arabia, let’s define what a point of sale system is.

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What is a Point of Sale System and What does it do?

A point of sale system is primarily used by retailers to process orders, payments and invoices. Regardless of the scale of the business, modern POS systems automate the process of accepting payments as well as keeping track of sales, inventory, and customer data.

Uptil a few years ago, POS systems were divided depending on business structures, i.e whether the business is run through an online platform or through a brick-and-mortar store. However, the introduction and widespread adoption of the omnichannel approach has called for POS systems that sync sales and inventory data across multiple channels and touchpoints.

<div id="Market_Overview_of_POS_Systems_in_Saudi Arabia" fs-test-element="Market Overview of POS Systems in Saudi Arabia"></div>

Market Overview of POS Systems in Saudi Arabia

According to statistics, Saudi Arabia’s aggregate POS transactions up to August 2022 reached a value of SR56.4 billion. This indicates the rising interest of consumers to make cashless payments and manage their accounts through online applications. 

The POS systems market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.7 % over the forecast period (2022 - 2027).

AI integrations and cloud-based POS systems are the industry’s top trends with major players like PAX Middle East and Geidia Solutions leveraging the best POS systems in Saudi Arabia to streamline payments.

<div id="Review_of_the_top_five_POS_Software_in_KSA" fs-test-element="Review of the top five POS Software in KSA"></div>

Review of the top five POS Software in KSA

1- XStak POS      

XStak’s omnichannel POS solution comes as an ideal way for retailers to manage their operations from a unified dashboard. Updated in real-time, the system automates everything from order taking, invoicing, inventory management, employee management, and more.



  • Omnichannel order management and invoicing
  • Centralized cloud-based data storage for high security
  • Access business data from anywhere, offline and online
  • Inventory management with forecasting for optimized stock purchases
  • Customizable templates for sales receipts
  • Real-time analytics, reporting, and summaries

With offline access, XStak’s cloud-based POS software allows you to scale your business without having to worry about the usual operations. Leveraging the best-in-class AI and one of its kind Business Intelligence (BI), XStak empowers you with all the right tools to effectively manage your retail operations.

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2- SolutionDot    

SolutionDot’s POS and account management software assists businesses in handling finances, HR, and payroll. Rated among the top 5 point of sale software in Saudi Arabia, the POS is designed with a customer-centric approach. It offers an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) POS solution that helps put together strategic business plans for growth.



  • Automated order management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Inventory management
  • Quick payment processing and receipt generation
  • Omnichannel analytics
  • Low stock alerts

One of the key benefits of using SolutionDot POS is the security and confidentiality of customer information. Privacy is a major concern of any customer that shops with a brand through multiple channels, and having a secure POS software is important to ensure that you are meeting customer expectations.

3- Foodics 

Next in the list is an all-in-one cloud based POS that is specifically designed for restaurant operation management. Foodics comes with the option to use on Apple iPad and has multiple integrations as well as multilingual support.


Foodics has proven to improve sales in restaurants and other food chains that have adopted it for managing orders, inventory, delivery, and customer data.


  • Sales and order management
  • Data analytics across multiple channels
  • Integrations for productivity and employee management
  • Loyalty management
  • Available on tablet/iPad

Apart from all the basic functionalities of POS software that streamline business operations, Foodics developers have focused on revenue generation as a primary goal. For this reason, the POS solution has completely transformed the way food is ordered and delivered in Saudi Arabia.

4- Vend                  

Vend was the world’s first cloud-based POS that was introduced over a decade ago. It makes the list of top 5 POS systems in Saudi Arabia for its automated inventory management and free scanner app availability. That’s right, Vend users do not have to worry about external scanners as the free scanner app can be used on Android and iOS devices.

Vend POS

The application can be used to monitor inventory and process payments. What’s more? Vend can be easily used with a wide range of hardware such as Mac, iPads, Microsoft Surface Pros, and Windows computers. This makes it very convenient for retailers to run business on devices they already have.


  • Dedicated account manager for setup and support
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Cloud backup
  • Integrated payment methods
  • Loyalty management
  • Customized onboarding

If you opt for the Enterprise plan, Vend allows you to customize the way you onboard customers and you can also put together trainings for employees.

5- Focus Softnet    

Last but not the least, Focus Softnet is a renowned POS software that is built to improve the efficiency of retail business operations. For retailers in Saudia Arabia, Focus Softnet offers the right tools to streamline and promote collaboration within the organization while automating every day tasks.

Focus Softnet


  • Internal data sharing
  • Quick look-up dashboard
  • Inventory management
  • Automated data entry and report generation
  • Cloud-based data storage

Apart from it’s other groundbreaking features, the software providers retailers a 360-degree view of all processes including inventory, orders, delivery, and customer services. As a result, retailers are able to cut down labor costs and enhance overall productivity.

<div id="Future_of_POS_Systems_in_Saudi_Arabia" fs-test-element="Future of POS Systems in Saudi Arabia"></div>

Future of POS Systems in Saudi Arabia

POS systems in Saudi Arabia are predominantly used by the retail industry. Not only is this industry expected to dominate in terms of demand and sales, but there will be an ever-growing need for cloud-based centralized data storage. 

The large-scale adoption of POS systems in department stores, large retail brands, and supermarkets will account for a consistent rise in POS market value.

Latest Trends In POS Software

One of the big reasons more and more brands are adopting POS solutions is the increasing importance of a seamless customer experience. As cloud-based POS systems provide insights into customer journeys, retailers can make better decisions for their next marketing campaign.

Emerging trends and innovations in POS Systems

In recent years, the biggest innovation in POS technology is cloud-based hosting of business systems. According to Forbes, the market is willing to adopt cloud-based POS software due to its multiple benefits in terms of improved performance, cost reduction, usability, and flexibility.

As cloud computing eliminates the need to have and maintain your own physical servers, your business can benefit from mobility and versatility. Cloud-based POS systems can now identify the ‘slow’ seasons of your enterprise and also figure out the dates when your products did not sell. 

Potential Impact on businesses in Saudi Arabia

Apart from keeping sales records for data analysis, latest POS software also come with useful integrations that make them a one-for-all retail solution. That means you can improve employee management, keep track of inventory, and also offer your customers multiple mediums for shopping - all with the help of a POS system.

Utilizing a cloud-based POS also has the advantage of enhanced security as your business data is stored in remote servers. This means your business is protected against common cyber security threats while efficiently saving information on the cloud. 

Moreover, automated data back-up and sync are a cherry on top as you no longer have to worry about doing these tasks manually.

Strategies for Businesses to Leverage POS systems to Enhance Operations

  1. Automate and Innovate: 

To extract maximum benefits from POS software, businesses must identify and work around the areas that help them grow. For instance, choosing a POS that automates sales reporting, product lookups, and inventory management allows you to free up valuable time. With this extra time, you can direct your employees to brainstorm and innovate.

  1. Keep track of your inventory:

Retailers can leverage POS systems to effectively manage stock in their inventory. Keeping an eye on your inventory allows you to make better decisions in terms of re-ordering items. 

  1. Incorporate different payment methods:

Providing your customers the option to use their desired payment methods is imperative if you want to grow your eCommerce business. Leveraging payments integrations in modern POS systems allows you to offer cash, credit, and gift cards for payments.

<div id="What_is_the_Best_POS_System_in_Saudi_Arabia_(KSA)?" fs-test-element="What is the Best POS System in Saudi Arabia (KSA)?"></div>

What is the Best POS System in Saudi Arabia (KSA)?  

Considering you are growing your business to the enterprise level, you need a cloud-based POS that helps avoid overstocking, has a built-in CRM, and zero downtime. XStak is a next-gen retail operating system that offers all of these, and much more. 

unique features of XStak POS

The headless quick commerce POS solution has a CRM that can be used on external eCommerce and marketing platforms. Not only that, XStak’s POS system helps you create your online presence by offering convenient delivery options including curbside pickup and route optimized delivery.

Apart from the promise of operational efficiency, the best POS system in Saudi Arabia offers a loyalty management solution that lets you offer rewards to repeat customers. XStak’s omnichannel payments solution XPay also helps reduce onboarding time and allows faster payments along with valuable insights into customer journeys.

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How to Choose a POS Software in Saudi Arabia

Considering the options discussed in this blog, picking the best POS software in Saudi Arabia is a tricky task. However, it all depends on your unique business requirements. 

Based on customer expectations and retail business requirements, the ideal POS software must have the following characteristics:

  • An intuitive user interface that is easy to use and understand for all
  • Compatible with the commonly used hardware including touch panels, desktops, tablets, smartphones, and more
  • Payments integrations to provide multiple payment options
  • User permissions to allow manual data fetching and updates
  • Real-time data analytics with AI
  • Business Intelligence to make better decisions
  • Customization for any industry and niche to make the POS software their own
  • Integrations with eCommerce and third-party applications
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly data reporting under a single dashboard

<div id="Price_Comparison_of_the_Top_5_POS_Systems" fs-test-element="Price Comparison of the Top 5 POS Systems"></div>

Price Comparison of the Top 5 POS Systems   

Pricing Free Demo
XStak Transaction-based
Starts from 0.01$ per month
SolutionDot Feature-based No
Foodics SAR 375/month Yes
Vend $199 per month
$169 with annual plan
Focus Softnet $199 per user Yes

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Regardless of the type of business you are running, delivering an exceptional customer experience is becoming more and more important. Fostering the growth of your business starts with a robust POS system that enables you to extract maximum value while ensuring convenience of your customers.

While there are new POS solutions introduced every now and then, XStak’s cloud-based POS is an all-round solution for all business types to meet customer demands and adapt to market trends.

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