February 29, 2024

5 Best POS Systems in Egypt 2024: Which is Right for Your Business?

Looking for the best POS system for your multi-location eCommerce business in Egypt?

Then you have landed at the right place. Considering that you’re running a retail business, it’s relatively easy to find one size fits all POS systems that offer the standard features. However, the ideal POS system must offer the functionalities to manage inventory, vendors, multiple payment methods, accounting integrations, loyalty management, and more.

The best POS system in Egypt is one that is designed specifically for retail businesses like yours, and offers more than just a payment processing system. Modern POS systems are based on AI-based systems that can generate personalized recommendations, create real-time reports, and manage omnichannel orders simultaneously. 

That said, making the decision regarding the best POS system in Egypt is down to you, as your specific business model needs to be taken into consideration. Your choice depends on whether you need to prioritize employee management or offer a wide range of payment methods and manage your inventory without hassle. Not to mention, there is an increasing need to ensure real-time data synchronization when you are spreading out your business to new channels.

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The POS Market in Egypt

Egypt falls under the Middle Eastern and African POS software market segment, which is expected to be the most profitable by 2031. The increasing adoption of POS software and enhancements in technology will skyrocket the market in this forecast period. 

The typical POS system used by retail businesses in Egypt integrates with all the relevant aspects of operations, such as QuickBooks integrations for accounting and bookkeeping, Square for payments, and so on. These systems offer an easily understandable and accessible interface that takes your employees no more than a few hours to get their heads around. 

On top of that, cloud-based systems allow multiple users to interact with the system from different locations at the same time. Since you are not storing data on any physical servers, cloud security and encryption make it is easier to comply with data protection regulations.

On average, a retail POS system in Egypt costs between $2500 per year, and decreases to a range of $750 to $3000 for the following years. What you get is an all-in-one system that handles inventory management, reconciliation and accounting, as well as employee management. You can expect all integrations to work seamlessly with these retail POS systems without having to run any additional code.

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Choosing the Right POS System for Your Business in Egypt

The primary purpose of a POS system is to process business transactions and maintain sales records. Additionally, you get automated tax calculation, invoicing, and billing. At the end of the day, the best POS for your business is the one that helps grow sales, increases profits, and takes it to the next level. 

Here is what you need to look for while choosing the right POS system in Egypt. 

Automation and Convenience

POS systems are designed to reduce the burden on employees by automating repetitive tasks and improving overall efficiency. Clearly, there is no alternative to automation nowadays, as you simply can’t keep up with the pace of the eCommerce world without it. If the POS system you are considering is not easy to understand in the first few runs, you might have to look for another one.

The best POS in Egypt is going to be one that offers user-friendly interactions and makes your business operations more convenient. For instance, the initial setup must be as simple as possible to avoid giving a headache to business owners. Then, you must be able to add and manage all your data in a sequential manner to ease operations and improve productivity. 


Even with all the right features packed into it, the best POS software in Egypt will require integrations here and there. Since you will be aiming at growing your business in different countries and getting a variety of unique customers, you need to address many individual preferences.

For example, payment options are a very sensitive area of POS systems that you simply can’t go wrong with. No retailer wants to lose a customer at checkout just because they do not offer the customer’s preferred payment method. Here, you will need a third-party integrations with payment service providers.

Some common integrations include Xero and QuickBooks for accounting and bookkeeping, Square for payments, and MailChimp for email marketing. Going into further detail, you also have integrations for loyalty programs that ease the process of offering rewards to loyal customers.

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Customer Services

When it comes to software and paid services, every business owner likes to have someone to discuss matters with. This is why customer support is an important aspect for any POS service provider. With any kind of software in any application, you can expect bugs and delays. So the POS of your choice must be from a provider that provides exceptional customer services whenever needed. 

Moreover, you may get conflicts such as different time zones for different customers, discrepancies in data updates between multiple channels, and so on. Regardless of how organized or professional your business environment is, it’s best to have someone to resolve your issues in any case.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

Just like other countries in the Middle Eastern region, Egypt applies VAT (Value Added Tax) on the sale of products and services. It is calculated based on the nature of products and their journey from production to sale. Considering the importance of VAT compliance in Egypt, you need to go for POS software that comes with VAT accounting services.

With VAT-compliant POS systems, you can manage your orders, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and bookkeeping with automated calculations of value added tax. These POS systems are accredited by the tax authorities and help you ensure VAT compliance in your retail business.

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Best 5 POS Systems in Egypt for 2024


XStak is POS designed to handle multiple operations for different channels simultaneously. The cloud-based POS is one the best choices for retailers in Egypt as it offers much more than just the basic features. You get employee management, inventory management, automated invoicing and billing as standard. But it doesn’t end there, as you get real-time reporting thanks to an innovative integrated BI (Business Intelligence) layer.

With XStak POS, you get to create your own custom receipt templates and all your data is available at all your channels, whether you are connected to the internet or not. In compliance with data protection regulations, your data is encrypted and secured using cloud servers. 

As you look at all the important business numbers from any location at any time, the inventory management system tells you exactly what to order, where to order from, and also prevent overstocking.

The immersive and intuitive dashboard displays everything you need to know at a glimpse. XStak POS is also our top pick for the best POS system in Egypt due to it’s payments integrations that streamline transactions and boost revenue. Coupled with effortless warehousing and fullfilment, there is really nothing that’s missing in this POS software.

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Square POS

When it comes to flexibility and ease of use, Square POS is one that’s worth mentioning. Coming from the renowned service provider, Square POS is purpose-built to handle everything a retailer can throw at it. Whether it is about the basic functionalities for order management or offering great customer service, Square POS serves businesses at all scales.

While being affordable for small businesses, the system is completely free to start with. The service provider offers you a variety of hardware options to pick from, and you even get a free magstripe reader upon signing up.

Of course, the actual features are important too, so you get to track employee performance and store sales records across all channels. Square POS ensures that your data is consistent and employees can clock in and out directly through the system.

Moka POS

Another entry in the list of top POS systems in Egypt, Moka POS is a great system to facilitate offline stores. It allows you to extract scalable insights each time a transaction is performed. As a result, you can analyze each aspect of your business system and make improvements to boost sales.

Moka POS is used by small, medium, and enterprise businesses along with NPOs and government institutions in Egypt. It helps you monitor transactions from any channel and tracks inventory cycles in real time. You can access employee reports and extract monthly, quarterly, and weekly performance numbers with just a click.

The all-in-one POS system automatically sends and tracks invoices for mobile devices. This helps manage cash flows easily and you can also resolve potential refund issue faster. The system has built-in functionalities to help you identify the reason why customers abandon their carts, and also detect internal fraud attempts by employees.


Designed specifically for small and medium businesses, ERPLY is a popular POS system in Egypt. The POS comes with an inventory management and customer database as standard, and runs without internet connectivity while keeping data synced in real-time. 

The system is available for tablets, iOS, and Android smartphones and allows retailers to perform functionalities like product lookup, suspend sale, void and return purchases, and deploy time-controlled promotions.

Shopify POS

Being a retailer, it is impossible to not have heard of Shopify, the renowned e-commerce platform. One of the company’s products that quite naturally syncs with the platform is Shopify POS. Although it is not free to start with, the POS systems is easily among the top picks as it is retail-focused. 

This means you can conduct your business and sell your products both online and offline. As all sales channels are in sync, you can take orders, accept different types of payments as per the customer’s choice, and keep transaction records. However, one downside is that you will have to get a Shopify e-commerce subscription before you are able to avail the POS service.  

The smart grid interface of Shopify POS is completely customizable within the app, and you can also offer customers the option to check out on the go. You can create custom digital receipts, create and add unlimited product categories, and keep track of inventory across all your retail channels, both online and offline. Lastly, you get the option of creating and running a loyalty program as well as a social media marketing campaign using built-in features and integrations.

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The Cost for the Best POS Systems in Egypt          

Considering the rest of the aspects addressed in this article so far, you must be wondering about the cost of each POS system in Egypt. The cost of POS systems is undoubtedly an important factor for retailers, so here is how it goes. 

Each POS system can be availed with a three-part payment system, where you have to initially pay a one-time fee for the hardware. The software is often free at first, but some providers do charge a fee for it right from the start. 

Availing of all the great features of the POS service comes with an annual price tag as well as payment processing charges. If you choose to go the extra mile with digital marketing and loyalty programs within the POS service package, you’ll have to pay additional fees.

Here is a breakdown of the costs associated with POS systems in Egypt:

Hardware costs: $800 - $1500

Software: Free - $150 per month

Payment Processing: 1.5% - 2.5% per transaction

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Today’s businesses require the right systems for processing a large volume of transactions and offering a variety of payment methods to customers. The best POS system in Egypt handles these primary tasks with ease while providing valuable insights to business owners. Whether you need to manage inventory, create customized receipt templates, or automatically generate personalized recommendations, XStak’s cloud-based POS has got you covered.

Aside from intuitive features that improve the overall efficiency of retail business processes, XStak POS comes with an integrated BI layer. Its one thing to have artificial intelligence working for you, but with this business intelligence layer, the best POS software in Egypt ensures real-time data updates and comprehensive reporting. While you check all the important business numbers from any location, the system also tells you how many items you need in your inventory. 

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