February 29, 2024

5 Best Cloud-Based POS Software in Oman 2024

Today’s eCommerce business climate demands efficient business operations that ensure enhanced customer experiences. With each passing day, retailers see smaller sales margins that make it absolutely necessary to improve both their offerings and their customer services. 

Oman is part of the lucrative Middle Eastern market that doesn’t give any second chances to businesses that lag behind. If you’re looking to grow your retail business and make it big in the region, you need the best POS software in Oman.

Statistics have shown that businesses using POS systems benefit from the following improvements:

  • 20% improvement in sales
  • 15% increase in customer satisfaction
  • 25% increase in customer retention
  • 15% less stockouts

That being said, it’s important to find the right POS system in Oman that suits your specific business needs. Apart from getting value for money, you need to have intuitive features like inventory management while staying within your budget. 

This article explores the 5 best cloud based POS software in Oman and the factors you need to consider while choosing one for your business.

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Best Cloud-Based POS Systems in Oman

Retail businesses in Oman have adopted POS systems that typically come with a number of useful features as well as integrations. For instance, you get billing, invoicing, VAT calculation, inventory management, customer relationship management, loyalty programs, and more. Some must have integrations include accounting and bookkeeping with QuickBooks and multiple payment options through Square. 

While the unique selling point for most of these software is a user-friendly interface, making the decision for the best POS system in Oman is down to your particular business requirements. Depending on your industry, your budget, and scale, you need to look for specific features that really make a difference.

Here are our top picks for the best POS system in Oman:

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XStak POS 

If you’re looking for an all-rounder POS system that handles all your business operations and synchronizes data between various channels, XStak POS is the one for you. It’s a cloud-based POS designed for retailers in the Middle East to extract the maximum business potential with the help of an integrated BI (Business Intelligance) layer. 

Apart from keeping you informed about important business metrics, the system helps make informed decisions to win more and more customers. The inventory management system allows you to create purchase orders, make stock adjustments, and transfer inventory items to other franchises. 


Not only that, but you can also create cutomized receipt templates to represent your business. XStak POS keeps your data safe and consistent regardless of whether you have an active internet connection or not. You get a variety of features for customization, data security, and real-time reporting. Additionally, XStak POS has a products module where you can set product attributes, add custom fields, dropdowns, and also view previously added products.

Given that your customers are ready to switch to another brand due to the slightest of delays, you need real-time data sync and multiple payment methods. XStak POS is designed to offer the maximum number of payment options and combines that with warehousing and fulfillment solutions to leave no stone unturned.

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Next in line for the best POS system in Oman is IMDAAD POS. Another all-in-one cloud based POS solution that allows you to access your business insights from anywhere at any time. As the future of retail will require you to implement an omnichannel model, you need a POS that provides consistent data across all devices and platforms. 

IMDAAD POS comes as a unified solution for virtually all kinds of business in Oman. Thanks to its customizability and attention to detail, you can create enjoyable customer journeys that make customers stick with your brand for longer.


The POS system is said to be designed by pizza industry experts and caters to restaurants with customizable settings. It comes with a customer facing display that helps improve customer experience. Additional features of IMDAAD POS that make it one of the top picks are built-in algorithms for upselling and other promotions, loyalty-based sign up, personalized advertisements, and efficient check-out.

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Foodnerd POS

Efficient business operations are key to succeeding in the highly competitive retail market of Oman. The creators of Foodnerd POS have considered these aspects to design a cloud-based system that works on desktop, Android, and iOS. Restaurants in Oman get the right tools from Foodnerd POS to accelerate and improve their operations to deliver better services to customers.

Foodnerd POS

The affordable POS system comes with advanced inventory management systems and also offers built-in digital marketing solutions to represent your brand in the best way possible. You can get real-time reports from any device at any location. Foodnerd POS is great for all kinds and sizes of businesses, whether it is a single franchise or various different channels.

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QuickBooks POS

Another renowned POS system in Oman, QuickBooks POS streamlines operations for all kinds of businesses ranging from small franchises to enterprises. Apart from CRM and inventory management features, it also offers tablet compatibility and merchandise planning functionality. QuickBooks POS is available in multiple configurations and you can choose whether you want a cloud-based or on-premise implementation.

QuickBooks POS

Users can track inventory cycles and prevent stockouts while leveraging intuitive features for multiple payment methods and returning orders. This allows retailers to optimize their processes and order just the right amount of products for their inventory. Customer data is automatically stored for future reference and loyalty programs. 

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Erply POS

Last but not least, Erply POS is a popular choice among retailers in Oman. It is designed and built for all business types and specializes in customer relationship databases and inventory management. Erply POS synchronizes business data across various channels in real-time and maintains updates regardless of intenet availability.

Erply POS

Just like its competitors, Erply POS offers time-controlled promotions and runs on all kinds of devices including tablets, iOS, and Android. You can leverage product lookup, process abandoned sales, and also void and return purchases. 

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Criteria for Selecting the Best POS Software in Oman       

If you look at the core purpose of a POS system, you just need to process transactions and record sales. However, growing your retail business in Oman requires modern features and integrations. For starters, you need automated invoicing, billing, VAT calculation, and complete order processing. The best POS system in Oman for your business is one that fulfills most of the following criteria.


One thing you can be sure about is that your business is not going to remain the same. As you work towards growing your business, you need to ensure that the POS you choose is scalable and addresses your current requirements. It also needs to accelerate growth and remain compatible when you grow to new franchises and online channels. This is only possible with POS systems that are based on innovative AI technology.


Even if you accept a system without the right level of security, your customers won’t. Security is one the aspects you simply cannot compromise on. For this reason, you need to select a POS system that converts data into an encryption code that can only be accessed by authorized persons. This not only prevents data leaks but also helps monitor employee performance.

Integration Capabilities

The best POS system in Oman may have all the right features to improve operational efficiency, but you still need integrations with external services to extract the maximum benefits. Each of your customers has their own preferred payment method, so its important to choose a POS that integrates with payment service providers.

Aside from payments, you also need integrations for email marketing, accounting, bookkeeping, eCommerce, logistics, and marketplaces. With some POS systems, you also get loyalty management features that allow you to reward customers for repeat purchases.

Ease of Use

Here is the criteria that becomes the reason for retailers to choose one POS over another. Some systems are so difficult to go around that the convenience turns into a hassle. As the goal is to improve productivity and increase efficiency, you need to select a POS that is easy to use for all the relevant employees. 

Many POS systems in Oman offer seamless transitions and immersive dashboards that display the business metrics you want to know. While you might get used to some systems in the first few attempts, other POS providers even offer dedicated customer support to learn how to use the system. 

With an easy-to-use system, POS providers not only reduce customer support costs but also create a great first impression among retailers. The end result? You can simply add in your business data and get cracking. 

Reporting Features

One of the great features of POS systems comes in the form of real-time reporting. You get detailed insights into business performance metrics that are useful in making informed decisions. 

You are able to analyze your inventory through detailed information about monthly, quarterly, and yearly cycles. Moreover, you can get on the right track toward success with feasibility analysis and predictive analytics with the help of artificial intelligence.

VAT Calculation

The Middle Eastern region adds another stipulation for retailers to deduct VAT (Value Added Tax) from each sale. The amount is calculated depending on the journey of a product or service from the time it is produced to when it is sold. Considering that retailers in Oman have no choice but to ensure VAT compliance, your ideal POS system but be VAT ready. 

With a VAT-compliant POS system in Oman, you are able to streamline order management, accounts receivable, payable, invoicing, and billing without having to manually calculate tax. These systems are designed to help you comply with VAT requirements and are therefore recognized by tax authorities.

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Key Takeaways

Running a retail business in today’s times requires highly optimized processes and systems that can handle larger volumes of transactions. Leveraging the best POS system in Oman, you can reduce the workload on your employees and automate repetitive tasks to get fruitful results. Regardless of the area of business you consider, the need for accuracy, speed, and convenience will only increase in the coming years. 

XStak POS is built upon a futuristic approach and improves itself with the passage of time. This means you can be prepared for the future with out-of-the-ordinary POS features. You get automatically generated recommendations that add a personal touch to make the customer feel that they are being approached by a real person. You also get real-time comprehensive reporting that remains consistent across all business channels whether you are accessing it from mobile, tablet, or PC.

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