February 29, 2024

How to Integrate POS with FBR Invoicing System (Retailers Guide)

All Tier-1 retailers must integrate their POS with the FBR's computerized system. Tier 1 retailers fall under the following categories:

  1. Retailers with an area size of more than 1000 square feet.
  2. Businesses operating multiple stores under the same brand name.
  3. Retailers with electricity bills for the previous twelve months exceeding twelve hundred thousand rupees.
  4. Wholesalers engaged in bulk import, operating on a retail and wholesale basis.

POS retailers integrated with FBR have each transaction stored in the FBR database in real-time. Moreover, businesses must now pay service charges at a rate of one rupee per invoice generated by a POS system. 

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Store ID/Point Of Sale Registration with FBR

POS systems integrated with FBR enable retailers to automate the uploading of invoice data to the FBR system. Firstly, only business owners who are tax payees can register with FBR for a store ID. Secondly, to complete the process of store ID registration/FBR POS Integration, Tier 1 retailers must log in to the FBR website and enter the following details;

Business Information

All mandatory business details should be entered correctly, including the brand name, NTN, POS software name, the estimated number of transactions per day, etc.

fbr Business Information

Contact Information

The contact details of the business owner, including the contact number, email address, and home address, are to be entered correctly.

POS Information

All essential details related to POS are required. It includes but is not limited to the POS identification number, POS type, IP address, and POS version.

fbr POS Information

With the store ID generated, the business owner of a Tier-1 retail store can conveniently integrate the POS system with FBR.

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How FBR Integrated POS works

Tier-1 retailers can conveniently integrate their POS with FBR and enjoy countless benefits. FBR POS integration allows the completion of customer transactions in the following ways:

  1. Customer visits checkout counter: Customer adds products to the shopping cart and proceeds to the checkout point.
  2. Invoice creation: The salesperson scans products via a barcode reader and receives payment from the consumer.
  3. FBR invoice number request: After completion of the POS sale, the FBR system processes the invoice.
  4. FBR invoice generation: FBR POS invoicing system generates and forwards a fiscal invoice number to the POS system.
  5. Synchronization: The FBR sale data controller syncs all transactions (invoices) with the FBR central server.
  6. FBR QR code generation: The POS generates and prints the QR code and FBR POS invoicing system logo on the customer's invoice. 
  7. Invoice billing: The receipt printed out for the customer includes the FBR QR code, FBR POS logo, and FBR invoice number.
  8. Billing verification: Customers can verify the fiscal invoice by scanning the QR code with an FBR-based mobile app.
How FBR Integrated POS works

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How to Integrate XStak POS with FBR

XStak offers a cloud-based POS system that lets retailers conveniently sell to offline and online customers. XStak POS is integrable with many software via secured and efficient API. All Tier-1 retailers can integrate the XStak POS with FBR's computerized system by entering the registered store ID. It is pertinent to mention that a business owner of multiple retail stores must register and enter a separate store ID for the individual store. 

Make Retail Simple with XStak’s POS

Next-generation POS integrated with the FBR

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XStak POS benefits for retailers 

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Invoicing System

XStak POS only requires the FBR-generated store ID for FBR integration. When a customer makes the payment at the XStak POS system, the FBR computerized system stores the transaction details and generates a fiscal invoice number. XStak POS automatically prints the QR code and FBR POS invoicing logo on the customer's purchase receipt. Moreover, XStak POS can seamlessly handle returns and exchanges by scanning the customer receipt via a barcode reader. The FBR system makes the required adjustments to sales revenue and reflects it in the sales reported to the FBR.

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Business Intelligence

XStak POS generates multiple reports for retail store owners and managers in real-time. These reports can be conveniently analyzed and used for forecasting allowing further operational efficiency.

  • Daily sales reports: Retailers can generate and analyze daily sales reports.
  • Peak hours analysis: With XStak, businesses can examine transactions completed in peak hours.
  • Centralized Inventory Management: Retail store owners can monitor their centralized inventory and have inventory forecasting  
  • Most sold items history: Retailers can identify items bought the most by consumers. 
  • Gross profit/gross profit margin: XStak POS lets sellers conveniently calculate their gross profit and gross profit margin (%).
XStak POS Business Intelligence
XStak Bi

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Numerous Integrations

Retail store owners/managers can seamlessly integrate numerous software with the XStak POS and experience an easy-to-use cloud-based POS system.

  • Ecommerce Software: Businesses can conveniently integrate XStak POS with online ERPs like XStak Order Management and Odoo.
  • Accounting Software: XStak POS is integrable with accounting software's such as QuickBooks.
  • CRM: XStak POS is integrable with multiple CRM software via secured and efficient API.

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Staff Management

XStak POS allows store owners/managers to keep track of all employees’ activities and assign admin access based on preference.  

  • Role-based access control module: With XStak POS, store managers can assign role-based access to employees and ensure secure operations
  • Mobile-friendly version: XStak features a mobile-friendly version of its POS with an easy-to-use interface.
XStak POS featuring a usage-based pricing model, and experience a modern cloud-based POS system.

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FBR POS Benefits for shoppers

Shoppers can enjoy many benefits by completing transactions in retail stores utilizing POS integrated with FBR. Shoppers can verify the FBR POS invoice and participate in FBR's POS lucky draw. 

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FBR POS invoice verification

Buyers can conveniently verify that the taxes they're paying while purchasing from Tier-1 retailers are paying off. The verification steps are as follows:

  1. Install the FBR Asan App on a mobile device.
  2. Tap the verify invoice option
  3. Enter or scan the FBR-generated barcode on the invoice (receipt).
  4. View the receipt taxation details.

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How to participate in FBR POS lucky draw?

The FBR has introduced the FBR prize scheme encouraging shoppers to verify the tax they paid at Tier-1 retailers utilizing a modern POS system. Through FBR POS invoice generation, consumers can participate in the lucky draw via the FBR Asan App. Prize scheme winners can claim their reward by entering the pin code in the FBR Asan app and visiting the nearest NADRA E-Sahulat Center.

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