Case Study

Feb 3, 2023

Alkaram Studio - Improving Conversion Rates & Average Order Value


Alkaram Studio, a well-known fashion brand in Pakistan, was looking to increase its conversion rates and average order value on the website. They already had a strong digital advertising presence, but the team wanted to convert more website visitors into paying customers. To increase revenue and profitability per customer visit, Alkaram Studio sought a solution to improve their conversion rates and average order value.

How XStak Helped to Increase Conversion Rates and Average Order Value

XStak’s team presented Alkaram Studio with its AI-Based product recommendation engine that would help increase conversion rates, average order value and drive profitability. The engine quickly allowed Alkaram Studio to see the benefits of increased revenue and better customer engagement.

How XStak’s Recommendation Engine Works?

Let's look at what type of filters XStak’s Product Recommendation Engine uses to recommend products.

Based on the Similarity of the Product: 

XStak’s recommendation engine recommends products that have similar tags/attributes. This doesn’t involve, for example, a user looking at a polo shirt - the customer sees polo shirts of different colors and designs.

Based on Similarity of the Customer:

People who have purchased an item in the past are likely to be interested in similar items. We use this strategy to suggest products for purchase. The prediction is based on past likes/actions of a similar customer and not on product features.

Hot Selling Products:

These recommendations are based on the products that are being recently most purchased by overall visitors. This helps to improve the discoverability of the most selling products.

The Strategy

The strategy was simple yet effective. XStak’s product recommendation engine was integrated into Alkaram Studio's website, providing personalized product recommendations to each customer based on their browsing history, purchase history, and other relevant data. By doing this, Alkaram Studio provided its customers more personalized shopping experience, leading to increased average order value and higher conversion rates.

The Results

The results were remarkable. Implementing XStak’s product recommendation engine led to a 12% increase in average order value (AOV) per customer, a 11% increase in conversion rate, and a 28% increase in total revenue.

maria b case study results

If you’re facing similar challenges as Alkaram Studio and looking for a solution to increase conversion rates and average order value, consider XStak’s product recommendation engine. With a simple integration process and proven results, XStak can help you provide a personalized shopping experience to your customers, leading to increased engagement and sales. Contact XStak today to learn more.

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