Case Study

Jan 9, 2024’s Checkout Transformation with XPay is a culinary marketplace that stands as a beacon of variety and quality for food connoisseurs, hosted on the dynamic Plugd platform which is known for its robust and scalable restaurant app and web solutions. 

Challenges Faced

The initial checkout system at led customers through a cumbersome process involving redirects to third-party payment portals, resulting in a disjointed shopping experience and concerns over payment security. They were facing a constant increase in cart abandonment rates. 

XPay Integration on Plugd

Determined to refine the checkout process, turned to XStak’s XPay, leveraging its compatibility with the Plugd platform to provide a seamless payment experience. 

XPay’s integration brought forth pivotal features

1. Embedded Checkout Experience

XPay’s embedded checkout experience is designed to keep customers within’s own digital interface during the entire payment process. This means that when customers are ready to make a purchase, they are not redirected to an external payment page, which can be disruptive and may lead to abandoned carts. The integration is seamless, maintaining the look and feel of’s branding, which helps to build trust and contributes to a cohesive user experience.

2. Tokenization

Tokenization is a security method that replaces sensitive card data with unique identification symbols that retain all the essential information without compromising its security. This process ensures that a customer’s card details are not stored directly on’s servers, thereby reducing the risk of data breaches. It's a cornerstone feature for XPay, emphasizing the importance of advanced security measures in today’s digital transaction environment.

3. BIN Discounts

Bank Identification Number (BIN) discounts are a strategic feature that allows to offer special discounts to customers based on the bank that issued their credit or debit card. This can be a powerful tool for promotions and partnerships with financial institutions, often leading to increased customer loyalty and higher sales volumes as customers take advantage of these offers.

4. Payment Links

For Cash-on-Delivery (COD) orders, XPay provides a more secure and convenient payment alternative with payment links. These links are sent to customers via SMS or email, allowing them to complete their payment online before the product is delivered. This feature reduces the need for handling cash, speeds up the transaction process, and enhances the safety of the delivery personnel.

5. PCI-DSS Compliance

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) compliance ensures that XPay adheres to a set of requirements designed to ensure that all companies that process, store, or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment. This is not just a feature but a mandatory level of security that must be met, and by being PCI-DSS compliant, XPay provides assurance that is operating within these stringent security standards, thus safeguarding customer data and trust.

Results After XPay Implementation

The XPay solution brought immediate and tangible benefits:

Optimized User Experience: The embedded checkout on Plugd led to higher customer satisfaction with the streamlined payment journey.

Reinforced Security: PCI-DSS compliance, coupled with tokenization, fortified customer trust.

Lowered Cart Abandonment: The frictionless payment interface significantly cut down on cart abandonment rates.’s implementation of XPay via Plugd has redefined the standard for a secure, efficient, and user-friendly online payment experience in the digital food marketplace.

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