Case Study

Apr 1, 2022

EGO - An Omnichannel Engine Success Story

Ego is a leading women’s clothing store in Pakistan. Ego was facing a problem of backlogs and slow deliveries because they were using a single courier. Courier companies are the trickiest part of the order delivery mechanism, but they are also just as essential. Hence Ego wanted to avoid booking all orders to a single courier. They approached Xstak to use our product Omnichannel Engine.

Omnichannel Engine is a cloud based Omnichannel commerce platform with distributed order management and multichannel inventory management. For Ego multiple courier integration, XStak OE proved to be the perfect solution as it is integrated with multiple courier API’s. 

The auto booking feature based on city wise mapping ensures that each order automatically gets booked to the designated courier. These courier choices can be set in OE based on the rates and courier performance in different cities. Furthermore, the API integration with each courier resulted in minimal human effort, when it came to the entire process of booking the order to the printing of the packing slip.

In addition to providing multiple courier integrations to EGO, OE provided extensive business intelligence to EGO to track the performance of these couriers and to improve the average order delivery time.

Courier Aging report

The following graph and figures highlight the courier aging. This report highlights:

  • Average time taken by couriers to deliver order
  • Number of orders delivered and dispatched within the specified date range.
  • Compares couriers relative performance
Courier Aging Reports
Sample Courier Aging Reports
Courier Aging AVG Time
Sample Average Time Taken

Order Aging Report

The following graph highlights the order aging:

  • Identifies the delay in orders and segments them according to their lead time 
  • The lead time is calculated by how long it takes for an order to reach from pending to awaiting dispatch 
  • According to the time taken, each order is segmented to their respective age group
Order Aging Report
Sample Order Aging Report

Sales Report

The sales report shows the following metrics

  • Active locations
  • Active SKU’s
  • National sales
  • International sales
  • Orders
  • Units Sold
  • Sales inclusive shipping
  • Sales exclusive shipping
Sample Sales Report
Sample Sales Report

Ego also used the following OE features to improve operations and sales

  • Inventory and order sync
  • Financial reconciliation
  • Business Intelligence
  • Multichannel Integration

The Results

Ego achieved an increase in daily online orders, annual GMV and customer satisfaction with multiple couriers integrated using OE, which can be seen in this infographic.

EGO Growth
EGO Growth


XStak is an All-In-One operating system for omnichannel retailers. It enables retailers to perform all their Omnichannel Commerce, Marketing and Payments operations with an integrated BI layer for these Operations. 

XStak Offers Retailers

For Commerce Operations

Online order and inventory management system 

Cloud-based next generation Point of sales system

Hyperlocal Delivery (Quick Commerce) Management System

For Marketing Operations

Loyalty and retention management system 

Acquisition marketing suite for digital marketing operations 

For offline and online Payments Operations

Omnichannel Payment solution

For Business Intelligence

Integrated BI layer for all these operations 


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