Case Study

Apr 1, 2022

EGO - An XStak's Order Management System Success Story

Ego is a leading women’s clothing store in Pakistan. EGO has a large selection of made-to-order casual wear, casual party dresses, and everyday clothing. 

The Challenges

Courier companies are often the trickiest part of the order delivery mechanism, but they are also just as essential. EGO wanted to avoid high risk of delays and backlogs with orders being distributed to a single courier. They instead put in place a strategy of booking all orders to multiple couriers in order to reduce the risk of delivery delays and slow deliveries.

  • Ego was facing a problem of backlogs and slow deliveries because they were using a single courier.
  • The process of fulfilling orders becomes excessively time consuming. 
  • Increase in backlogs orders, it's risky when shipping times are slow or unreliable.
  • Customer satisfaction begins to suffer. 
  • Real time data accuracy and reliability across all channels. 

Why XStak’s Solutions 

After researching its options, Ego wanted to avoid booking all orders to a single courier. They approached XStak to use our product Order Management System.

XStak Order Management System is a cloud based omnichannel commerce platform with distributed order management and multichannel inventory management. Which allows you to sync offline inventory with online inventory in real time. Also, it automates your entire order management process, from the moment a customer places an order till it's delivered.

Key benefits that helps EGO to complete automation process

Order Management: The complete selling and buying process is automated, providing end-to-end order management workflow from online order placement to booking with a courier and tracking final status.

Inventory Management: You can use your web store and physical stores to sync inventory and orders, with integration of point of sale systems and enterprise resource planning systems.

Multi Courier Booking: With OE, you have the ability to optimize delivery routes across multiple couriers, whether local or global. You can easily analyze the real-time performance of orders, packages, and their tracking status, booking multiple couriers to ensure top-notch customer service.

Reduced Fulfillment Times & Costs: By using machine learning, XStak OE can predict which couriers are best for each courier location and as a result, reduces your costs.

SMS and Email Alerts: OE sends SMS and email notifications to customers so they can keep track of the status of their order. 

OE also sends an email and SMS alert to store managers when an order is assigned to them for processing.

Real-time inventory visibility across all channels: By using OE, you can get better insight into sales, inventory, and marketing, and stay on top of the competition.

The Strategy 

XStak’s OE is integrated with multiple courier APIs, each for a specific major city and several minor cities. The auto-booking feature based on city-wise mapping ensured that each order was automatically booked to the designated courier. 

  • Furthermore, the API integration with each courier resulted in minimal human effort when it came to the entire process of booking the order to the printing of the packing slip.
  • In addition to providing multiple courier integrations to EGO, OE provided extensive business intelligence to EGO to track the performance of these couriers and to improve the average order delivery time.

Ego also used the following OE features to improve operations and sales:

  • Inventory and order sync
  • Financial reconciliation
  • Business Intelligence
  • Multichannel Integration
Brands can scale globally with our power!

“We achieved an increase in daily online orders, revenue and customer satisfaction with multiple couriers integrated using XStak’s Order Management System. XStak has helped us scale with a 100% growth rate even in the pandemic. Thank you Team XStak!” 
Shalim Reuben | General Manager

The Results

Ego achieved an increase in daily online orders, annual GMV and customer satisfaction with multiple couriers integrated using OE, which can be seen in this infographic.

The Results

Automating operations as much as possible will save you labor costs, improve working conditions, and make your workplace safer.

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