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Mar 19, 2024

L'azurde’s Omnichannel Retail Revolution with XStak’s OMS

L’azurde, a prestigious name in luxury jewelry, embarked on a transformative journey to redefine its retail strategy by seamlessly integrating online and physical store experiences. This case study delves into how L’azurde, in partnership with XStak, leveraged the advanced capabilities of XStak Order Management System (OMS) to streamline operations, enhance customer engagement, and achieve omnichannel excellence.


L’azurde's transition to an omnichannel retail model faced several substantial hurdles. The primary challenge was integrating disparate systems to ensure a cohesive shopping experience across its e-commerce platform and brick-and-mortar stores. Key issues included siloed inventory systems leading to inaccurate stock visibility, cumbersome order management processes, and a lack of personalized engagement with customers across channels. To address these challenges, L’azurde sought a solution that could unify its operations, streamline workflows, and provide deep insights into customer behavior.

Following the identification of the challenges faced by L’azurde in their journey towards omnichannel retailing, let’s delve into how XStak's innovative solutions not only addressed these hurdles but also propelled L’azurde into a new era of omnichannel success.

End-to-end Order Management with XStak’s OMS

Automated Order Management

The integration of XStak OMS with BigCommerce automated L’azurde’s entire order management process. From the moment customers place their orders online, XStak OMS efficiently handles order processing, payment verification, and customer inquiries, significantly reducing manual efforts and minimizing errors.

Real-Time Inventory Sync and Forecasting

XStak’s OMS real-time inventory synchronization feature ensured that L’azurde's product availability was always up-to-date, greatly reducing out-of-stock scenarios and enhancing customer satisfaction. The system also implemented inventory forecasting tools, enabling L’azurde to accurately predict demand trends and adjust stock levels accordingly.

Multi-Courier Booking

L’azurde utilized XStak OMS to book shipments with multiple couriers, optimizing logistics and delivery services across KSA, Egypt, and the UAE. This flexibility allowed L’azurde to enhance delivery efficiency and customer satisfaction by selecting couriers based on performance criteria.

Multi-Courier Booking

Business Intelligence and Fraud Prevention

XStak OMS provided valuable insights through its business intelligence features, enabling L’azurde to make informed decisions based on sales, inventory, and marketing data. Moreover, its fraud prevention mechanisms protected L’azurde from fraudulent transactions, contributing to a decrease in order cancellations and returns.

Enhanced Warehouse Management with XStak's Packer App

L’azurde utilized XStak's Packer App to revolutionize its warehouse operations. This app, specifically designed for the picking and packing process, utilizes a Round Robin Method to assign orders to packers based on their location. This ensures a streamlined workflow and efficient order processing. Packers have access to a comprehensive view of all pending orders, facilitating an organized and swift picking process. The primary goal is to ensure the availability and accuracy of stock for each order, significantly reducing errors and improving overall fulfillment times.

Enhanced Warehouse Management with XStak's Packer App

XStak OMS x Klaviyo

The integration of XStak's Order Management System (OMS) with Klaviyo has brought a new dimension to L’azurde’s customer engagement strategy, driving enhanced communication and personalized experiences. Here are the key benefits:

Timely, Personalized Order Confirmations: Customers receive customized order confirmation emails that reinforce the brand's identity and build trust.

Automated Communication: Saves significant time by automating the process of sending order confirmations and updates, allowing L’azurde to focus on core business activities.

Maximized Cross-Selling Opportunities: Integrating with Klaviyo enables L’azurde to include product recommendations in communication, encouraging additional purchases.

Analytics Insights: Access to detailed analytics helps L’azurde understand customer behavior and preferences, enabling data-driven decision-making for marketing and sales strategies.

XStak OMS x Klaviyo

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Omnichannel Capabilities with XStak’s OMS x Cegid

Omnichannel Use Cases Enabled by XStak's OMS for L’azurde

Buy Online, Pick up in Store (BOPIS)

BOPIS combines the convenience of online shopping with the immediacy of in-store pickup. XStak OMS allowed L’azurde customers to purchase items online and choose a nearby store for collection at their convenience. This service not only reduced shipping times but also offered a flexible option for shoppers who preferred to physically inspect their purchases upon collection.

Buy Online, Pick up in Store

Buy Online, Return in Store (BORIS)

This feature streamlined the returns process, enabling customers who purchased items online to easily return them at any L’azurde store. By integrating XStak OMS with Cegid's POS system, returns were processed quickly, enhancing customer satisfaction by offering a hassle-free return experience and immediate refunds or exchanges.

Buy Online, Return in Store

Ship from Store

Ship from store transformed L’azurde’s retail locations into mini-distribution centers, allowing for faster order fulfillment directly from the closest store to the customer. This use case optimized inventory across all locations and shortened delivery times, creating a more efficient supply chain and a better shopping experience for customers.

Ship from Store

Reserve & Collect

Reserve & Collect allowed customers to reserve items online and pay for them in-store. This service catered to customers who preferred to make final purchase decisions after viewing the product in person. XStak OMS facilitated this seamless integration between online reservations and in-store sales, ensuring items were held for customers and ready for collection, thereby enhancing the flexibility and personalization of the shopping experience.

Reserve & Collect

Let’s discuss other notable enablements with this integration apart from the omnichannel use cases that helped them gain control over online and offline operations.

Enterprise Inventory Visibility

The integration with Cegid provided L’azurde with a unified inventory view across all channels, resolving previous challenges of fragmented inventory management. This comprehensive visibility enabled efficient inventory optimization, reduced stockouts, and improved order accuracy.

Data Synchronization

The data synchronization between XStak’s OMS and Cegid's POS system was a game-changer for L’azurde. It enabled a unified customer data platform, enriching customer profiles and enhancing personalization across all touchpoints. Sales staff gained access to real-time customer data, allowing for personalized service and recommendations, thus fostering a more engaging and satisfying shopping experience.

Optimized Courier Management

The strategic integration of XStak OMS with multiple courier services streamlined L’azurde's shipping and logistics operations. It facilitated efficient order creation, real-time tracking, and simplified cancellations and returns, ensuring a smooth and reliable delivery process for customers.

Advanced Returns Management

XStak OMS excelled in streamlining the returns process, a critical aspect of customer satisfaction. The system allowed for efficient management of returns through features like:

Cancel Return from Pending Return: Enabled easy cancellation of return requests, enhancing flexibility for customers.

Return for Failed Delivery: Facilitated smooth handling of orders that failed to be delivered, ensuring a positive customer experience even in challenging situations.

RMA 3PL Integration: Simplified the returns process for customers preferring third-party logistics for their returns, offering convenient pickup options and scheduling.

These returns management features ensured a hassle-free process for customers, reinforcing trust and satisfaction with L’azurde's service.


L’azurde’s implementation of XStak OMS has set a new standard in the luxury retail sector for achieving omnichannel retailing excellence. Through strategic technological advancements and seamless integrations, L’azurde not only optimized its operational efficiencies but also significantly enhanced its customer engagement and satisfaction. This case study exemplifies the transformative power of XStak OMS in redefining retail operations, proving its value as an indispensable tool in the modern retail landscape.

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