Case Study

May 11, 2023

How XPay enabled MEME to offer BIN Discounts?

MEME, a famous brand of AK Galleria family, partnered with Bank Alfalah's payment gateway to offer online payments to their customers. They also had a partnership with VISA to provide BIN-based discounts to their customers using VISA cards. However, they were unable to offer BIN-based discounts to their online customers due to the limitations of their payment technology partner/integrator.


MEME wanted to offer BIN-based discounts to their online customers without having to change their existing payment gateway and technology partner/integrator.


MEME approached XStak, a PCI DSS-compliant payments technology partner/integrator, and implemented XPay, which enabled them to offer BIN-based discounts to their online customers while using Bank Alfalah's payment gateway.

MEME configured all their partner BIN numbers in bulk on the XPay admin panel. When a VISA customer entered their card details on the XPay payments page, the BIN discount automatically and seamlessly applied to their transaction. Additionally, customers could see all the BIN-based discount offers available on the MEME online store.


By implementing XPay and offering BIN-based discounts to their online customers, MEME was able to increase their sales significantly. The seamless application of BIN discounts on the XPay payments page made the customer experience more convenient and efficient, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Moreover, XPay's other features such as complete and partial refund functionality and custom payment link generation functionality helped MEME streamline their payment processes and improve their overall payment management.

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XPay's solution helped MEME overcome the challenge of offering BIN-based discounts to their online customers while using Bank Alfalah's payment gateway and existing technology partner/integrator. XPay's implementation resulted in increased sales, improved customer satisfaction, and streamlined payment processes for MEME.

Therefore, XPay can be a valuable payments technology partner/integrator for retailers using Bank Alfalah, MCB, HBL, or NIFT payment gateways in Pakistan, who want to offer BIN-based discounts and other payment management features to their online customers.

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