Image Similarity

AI-Powered Visual Search
Connecting Shoppers to Products

Give your customers the best visual search experience

Personalize the E-Commerce Experience

XStak Image Similarity Platform, powered by visual AI, helps retailers pinpoint their shoppers' favorite products with inspiring visual search journeys that drive conversion and increase lifetime value.

Why Image Similarity Module?

Upgrade Your Customer Experience

Shoppers are looking for product information before they decide to buy. Give them instant access to more details and help them feel confident in their purchase by offering personalized recommendations

highly Targeted Promotions
Unlimited Offer Types In a no-code environment

Improve Product Discoverability

Better discoverability makes shoppers more likely to explore and purchase your items, hence increasing your conversion rates. Ideal for marketplaces, brands and retailers of all sizes

Increase Conversions and Revenues

Boost your revenue streams by converting more visitors into buyers and increasing sales.

social and advocacy loyalty
Unlimited Offer Types In a no-code environment

Scalable and Flexible

Out-of-the-box visual AI solutions are ready to scale on any eCommerce platform. Available via API, JavaScript, and eCommerce platform plug-ins.

Enable Modern Experiences For Your Customers

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