Omnichannel BI

Have real-time, aggregated and actionable insights into operational metrics for commerce, marketing, and payments

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A Complete Business Solution

Ecommerce Analytics

  • Real time performance of supply chain operations
  • Analyze Inventory aging report, sell through rates and forecast demand of business inventory
  • Decide which products need to be advertised
ecommerce analytics
operations analytics

Operations Analytics

  • Optimize the delivery management journey by analyzing metrics at each step
  • Analyze average delivery time, throughput and returns performance of couriers
  • Assign couriers based on performance

Marketing Analytics

  • Analyze your campaigns with real-time conversion rates and marketing spend
  • Integrated google and facebook analytics
  • Insights on Earned and Burned reward points
marketing analytics
payment analytics

Payment Analytics

  • Integrated view of all payment channels
  • Simplified accounts reconciliation
  • Segregated analytics for different transaction statuses

Northstar Metrics

  • Bird’s eye view of how the company is doing overall
  • Measure metrics that matter the most for your business
  • Analyze customer value
NorthStar metrics
customer insights

Customer Insights

  • Analyze consumer buying patterns and recommend relevant products
  • RFM analytics to create customer tiers and segments
  • Make data backed decisions to retain customers

Our Business Modules

Order Management System

Distributed Order & Inventory Management System

Point of Sale

Cloud Based POS

Loyalty Management System

Omnichannel Loyalty Management System

Get realtime operational metrics for commerce, marketing and payments

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