Omnichannel Marketing

Acquire and Retain Customers with ad-networks integration, personalized recommendations, segmentation and loyalty management on integrated offline and online touchpoints

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Acquisition Marketing

Lower your costs while converting prospects to customers

Recommendation Engine

  • Improve customer buying experience by offering them personalized suggestions
  • Upsell & cross-sell by giving highly personalized product recommendations to your customers
  • Use first-party transactional data to create recommendations
  • Improve conversion rates on your website
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Ad-networks Integration

  • Conveniently integrate with social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Google Marketing Platform
  • Create highly convertible lookalike audiences from segments to achieve high ROI.
  • Integratible with Email marketing and SMS Automation platforms
  • Merge with numerous CMS, CRM, and CSS via developer-friendly APIs.

Retention Marketing

Create a robust customer retention strategy using Loyalty Management System


  • Perform segmentation analysis to divide customers into groups based on their buying behavior
  • Create highly targeted campaigns across different dimensions with RFM analysis
  • Create Tier-based segmentation for your customers and offer specific rewards for every tier based on unique qualification criteria
  • Easily manage tier retention criteria and expiry
  • Efficient Data Management
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Loyalty Management System

  • Reward loyal customers based on their purchase history
  • Incentivise customers for sign ups, referrals and social media sharing
  • Configure location and time specific rewards system for consumers
  • Offer customers an integrated rewards experience across offline and online channels
  • Retain customers and make them loyal advocates of your brand
  • Create rewards in a no-code environment using a drag and drop visual rule builder
  • Centrally manage rewards across different business units/hierarchy of the company
  • Increase customer lifetime value

Promotions & Offers Management

Create, Distribute and Track Offers

  • Give discounts on specific products and categories
  • Create customer tiers based on different qualification criteria and offer different rewards to these tiers
  • Analyze customer trends and create offers based on customer and business value
  • Identify and exclude fraudulent users from offers
  • Give personalized offers to customers on any channel including web, email, print or store
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Our Marketing Modules

Distributed Order & Inventory Management System

Omnichannel Loyalty Management System

Make User Acquisition and Retention Easier

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