XStak Omniretain is a next-generation omnichannel loyalty management system that enables brands to retain and acquire customers by creating highly personalized offers utilizing dynamic customer segmentation, leveraging the best in breed artificial intelligence technology

Loyalty Trusted By Leading Brands globally

OmniRetain helps you execute the best loyalty strategy by enabling you to configure an infinite number of highly granular offers across various dimensions that are perfectly in line with your customer’s preferences and provide you the tools to measure the success of different strategies in real-time.

Why Omniretain?

Highly Targeted Promotions

Omniretain captures and uses first-party transactional data and uses machine learning technology to achieve a high level of personalization and lets you create highly targeted promotions that help you engage and retain your customers

Unlimited Offer Types in a No-Code Environment

Omniretain lets you create an unlimited number of highly granular promotions across various dimensions in a no-code environment thereby reducing costs and ensuring time to market

Social and Advocacy Loyalty

Omniretain helps you turn your customers into loyal brand advocates by rewarding them for referrals and different actions on social media


Omni-Channel Loyalty Program

Provide a unified customer loyalty experience at multiple customer touchpoints like websites, mobiles applications and point of sales

Dynamic Customer Segmentation

Segment your customers based on purchasing patterns (RFM) and profile attributes for targeted loyalty campaigns

Intuitive Rewards Management

Configure an infinite number of highly personalized reward rules for your customers across various dimensions such as time, location, and amount spent

Visual Rule Builder

Create highly personalized offers in a no-code environment with the help of a drag and drop visual rule builder, thereby reducing costs and ensuring time to market

Fraud Detection

Identify Members Suspected of fraudulent activity based on usage patterns with the help of Artificial intelligence

Intensive Administration and Reporting

Get In-depth reports and KPIs about the performance of your loyalty program to measure the success of different strategies in real-time.

Use Cases Of Various Industries

Caters to use cases of multiple industries including Fashion, Travel, Hospitality, Banking, Pharmacy, Food, Grocery and Technology

Transfer Points

Transfer points from one member to another upon their request

Become An Omnichannel Retailer

Take a personalized tour of XStak's retail operating modules with our Sales experts and learn how XStak can enable you to grow.

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