Embedded Payments Solution

With XPay's Embedded Payments Checkout, seamlessly integrate a secure and efficient payment solution directly into your app or website. Eliminate the need for third-party redirects and offer your customers a streamlined checkout experience they will appreciate.

Seamless Payments Experience For Your Customers

Own the entire customer journey - No redirects

Ensure your customers enjoy the convenience of completing transactions within your digital environment. Our embedded payment solution enables a smoother transaction process, keeping your customers engaged without the inconvenience of leaving your site or app.

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Seamless and Intuitive Checkout Experience

Designed with user experience in mind, our checkout process is both seamless and intuitive, encouraging higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction. This approach ensures that customers have a hassle-free payment experience, leading to increased loyalty and repeat business.

Bank-Specific Online Discounts

Leverage targeted promotions with our innovative bank-specific discount feature. This functionality allows your business to offer special deals for customers using credit or debit cards from selected banks, driving both sales and customer engagement.

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Why XPay?

Choosing XPay means you’re not just adopting an embedded payments solution. You’re also gaining:

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PCI-DSS Compliant

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Transparent Pricing


Multiple Payment Methods

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Settlement Reconciliation

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Advanced Analytics

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Automated Emails

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24/7 Support

Customer Success

XStak Empowers PriceOye with Embedded Payment Checkout Boosts CX

Facing checkout process challenges and high cart abandonment, PriceOye partnered with XPay to refine their customer payment experience through the Embedded Payments Checkout.

Challenge: Directing customers to third-party payment pages was leading to dissatisfaction and lost sales for PriceOye.

Implementing XPay's Embedded Payments Checkout enabled PriceOye to offer a direct, secure, and streamlined payment process within their platform, eliminating any need for redirects.

enhanced customer experience

Results with XPay

Implementing XPay's Embedded Payments Checkout enabled PriceOye to offer a direct, secure, and streamlined payment process within their platform, eliminating any need for redirects.

  • A marked reduction in cart abandonment
  • Improved customer trust with a secure, direct checkout process
  • Boosted sales and satisfaction through an efficient payment experience
  • PriceOye's success story underscores the benefits of XPay's Embedded Payments Checkout, demonstrating enhanced customer satisfaction and business growth.
Customer Success

Baked’s Journey with XPay's Embedded Checkout Solution

Baked.pk, a prominent marketplace for food brands, was facing a significant challenge in its online transaction process.

Challenge: Baked struggled with customer dissatisfaction and high cart abandonment due to redirects to third-party payment pages, impacting overall sales.

Baked.pk partnered with XPay to integrate an embedded payments system into their platform. The implementation of XPay's solution meant that customers could now complete their transactions directly on Baked.pk’s website or app, without any redirections.

enhanced customer experience

Results with XPay

On top of complete embedded payments solution, you are also getting:

  • Seamless in-app and website payments
  • Increased customer trust and security with tokenization
  • Reduced cart abandonment and improved conversion rates
  • Personalized promotions with bank-specific discounts

This streamlined approach showcases the significant benefits Baked.pk experienced after integrating XPay's embedded payment solution.

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