Feb 2, 2023

7 Best POS (Point of Sale) Software in Dubai, UAE 2024

Planning to start your retail business in Dubai? 

Whether you consider a physical store or an online platform, the UAE’s competitive business environment requires a modern POS software. Streamlining payment processes through POS software in Dubai enables merchants to enhance their customer services. 

Managing sales and payments in online retail businesses involves more than just keeping cash records. In fact, POS software is used to store sales data, update inventory, and record customer data. These systems are a valuable investment for businesses as they completely transform business processes.

This blog covers 7 of the best POS software in UAE that offers multiple functionalities including back-end tweaks. 

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What is the Best POS System in the UAE? 

Incorporating such a system into your online business platform for the first time is a tricky task. The question remains - what’s the best POS software in UAE?

At the end of the day, it all comes down to your specific business requirements. Implementing the top POS software in UAE means solving the puzzle of data analysis, customer relations, and workforce management without any stress. 

Not only that, but also these POS software also come with integrations for managing loyalty programs, email marketing, and others to cut down processing time by a significant margin. 

XStak’s cloud-based POS is designed to suit the business requirements of retailers and improves data security in online and on-premise operations. With the omnichannel POS system, retailers can generate sales reports in real-time and manage stock levels efficiently.

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7 Best Point of Sale Systems in Dubai, UAE

Let’s take a look at some of the best POS Software in UAE as of 2024.

  • XStak’s Cloud-based POS
  • Foodics
  • POSRocket
  • NextTotal
  • Sapaad Cloud POS
  • Oversee POS
  • Wondersoft ShopAid

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1. XStak’s Cloud-based POS  - Best for Retail Businesses        

XStak’s cloud-based POS is an omnichannel solution for retail businesses and pharmacies to streamline sales, invoicing, inventory management, stock control, staff management, and much more.

XStak’s Cloud-based POS

Available both online and offline, XStak POS allows you to create custom receipt templates. It also generates sales reports in real time using its one-of-a-kind business intelligence (BI) engine.

The cloud-hosted POS software gives your business a sense of invincibility by supporting all mobile and web platforms and is compatible with multiple devices.


  • Access to POS data anywhere, at any time
  • Omnichannel inventory management 
  • Ecommerce order invoicing
  • Centralized data under one dashboard
  • Purchase order and inventory transfer functionality for inventory
  • Hierarchy and user permissions as per requirements
  • Custom receipt templates
  • Real-time reporting and summaries

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2. Foodics      

Foodics is an all-in-one cloud-based restaurant management solution that is available on Apple iPads. With support for multiple languages and add-ons, Foodics is a retail POS software in UAE that helps restaurants as well as other small and medium food businesses to improve sales. 

Revenue generation is a by-product of great customer relationships, and the developers of Foodics have surely kept this in mind. Following its introduction in 2014, it became one of the best restaurant management POS software in Dubai that transformed food ordering and delivery. 

Foodics POS

Foodics offers a unique way to manage orders in real-time through futuristic high-tech solutions. Here are its main features:


  • Business process, sales, and inventory management through a tablet.
  • Integrations for staff management to boost productivity
  • Customer data analysis 
  • Targeted rewards for loyal customers

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3. POSRocket  

Moving on to another retail POS software in UAE, POSRocket is the ideal choice for startups and emerging businesses. This cloud-based point of sale software offers retailers a secure and efficient tool to optimize their business processes. 


Apart from handling inventory and monitoring stock levels, it also helps regulate staff and resources. POSRocket offers market-leading customer support round the clock to assist startups in addressing growth challenges.

Small and medium retail businesses, especially restaurants have implemented POSRocket to utilize the intuitive application as a replacement for traditional cash registers. The POS software makes resource management as easy as one click and is available anywhere, at any time.


  • Easy to use application 
  • Uses AI to make smart business decisions
  • Generates sales data and reports in real-time
  • Helps manage inventory
  • Cost-effective 

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4. NextTotal  

When it comes to POS software in UAE, constant updates are a must to keep up with the latest trends. NextTotal is one of the best POS software in UAE to give your business a competitive advantage. 

NextTotal POS

NextTotal has proven to enhance business efficiency and streamline processes to fill in performance loopholes. As a result, small businesses can satisfy their customers with a simple UI, high-speed transitions, and automated tasks. 

From inventory management to generating invoices, NextTotal allows your business to track product performance while ensuring that the end users are happy. The POS software is designed keeping in mind its applications in the UAE market and is considered one of the best picks of the lot.


  • Support for electronic invoicing
  • Option to create personalized customer profiles
  • Integration and support for email marketing
  • Accessibility of single account from multiple locations

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5. Sapaad Cloud POS       

Next in our list is a POS system from global SaaS provider, Sapaad. Offering convenience to thousands of users around the world, Sapaad cloud POS is in a class of its own. 

Sapaad Cloud POS

The main selling point of the company is developed using long-term usage as a standard. It is an easy-to-adopt solution that helps improve the efficiency of business processes, allowing retailers to serve customers quickly.

With headquarters in Singapore, the SaaS company has offices in Dubai and India. Its main clients and investors are tech giants that have ample experience in the e-Commerce environment.


  • Customizable orders as per customer preferences
  • Available in multiple locations
  • Multilingual support for menus and invoices
  • Available offline 
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, and web platforms

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6. Oversee POS          

Introduced to the world 5 years ago, Oversee POS is another software for restaurants, bakeries, and salons. It is designed to suit modern business models and allows various integrations that are commonly required by retailers.

Oversee POS

The company claims to offer market-leading features at prices that no other competitor offers. While Oversee POS handles sales, invoicing, and inventory, businesses get the opportunity to treat customers with personalized gestures.

This distinctive POS software keeps your business at par with updating technologies and innovation while streamlining operations. For restaurants, Oversee POS offers a special feature known as Pantry Management, which enhances workflow and speeds up overall processes. As a result, restaurants are able to improve customer service.


  • Integrated food ordering system
  • Real-time performance analysis and record-keeping
  • Cost-effective marketing strategies
  • Custom order management
  • Inventory control

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7. Wondersoft ShopAid      

Speaking of POS software available in the UAE, we cannot miss out on Wondersoft ShopAid. The leading point of sale software has streamlined business operations for 20 years and supports more than 14000 retailers.

Wondersoft ShopAid POS

Headquartered in India, Shopaid provides onsite support to clients through its partners in the UAE. Shopaid.Net comes as a standalone POS software offering full-scale sales and invoicing solutions to high-volume eCommerce businesses. 

Not only that, but it also manages complete retail operations including inventory, procurement, replacement of expired items, loyalty management, and much more. 


  • Zero upfront payments
  • No long-term contracts
  • Real-time reporting
  • Accounting integrations
  • Inventory management
  • Customer support

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How to Choose the Best Point of Sale (POS) System?

If you’re implementing POS software for the first time, it’s quite natural to face a challenge in choosing the best one. Here, we list down some key aspects you need to consider while making your decision.

Ease of use

There is obviously no point in implementing POS software if your employees are going to have a hard time getting their heads around it. Therefore, it’s important to identify whether the POS software you’re going for is user-friendly and does not make you go through difficult steps to perform simple tasks.

Supported devices

Secondly, the POS in question should also be compatible with all commonly used devices and platforms, including web, mobile, and tablets. Modern POS software come with support for Android, iOS, and web browsers as standard.

Offline Version 

Today’s business operations require constant data synchronization. For that purpose, most POS software offer offline support. This is achieved by syncing business data in real-time to create an offline version ready for when it is needed.

POS system that syncs your online and retail store

Omnichannel access is an important feature for businesses that operate through multiple types of channels. XStak’s cloud-based POS software is an omnichannel solution for retailers to manage in-store and online processes with real-time data under one dashboard.

POS system that empowers your staff

One of the main reasons to incorporate POS software is to automate repetitive tasks of keeping sales records and managing inventory. With the POS system taking care of these operations, your staff can focus on innovation and keeping loyal customers happy.

Offers Personalized Experience

In order to offer personalized recommendations, services, and rewards to your customers, the best POS software in UAE should ideally store and display customer trends. Using comprehensive data collected over a period of time, your business can effectively identify the different needs of each customer.

Offers Reporting and Analytics

Lastly, most POS software in UAE offer data analysis and reporting as their features. These come in handy when measuring the success of your business over a quarter, half, or full-year period. It helps identify the areas that need improvement and puts you on the right track toward growth.

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POS Software Price Comparison Table in Dubai, UAE     

Pricing is an important factor for your business to consider while choosing the best POS software in UAE. The following table shows the basic pricing plans of each POS software discussed in this blog.

POS Software Basic Price Free Trial
XStak’s Cloud-based POS Usage-Based Free Demo
Foodics SAR 375/month Yes
POSRocket $49/year Yes
NextTotal On request Yes
Sapaad Cloud POS $59.99/month Yes
Oversee POS On request Yes
Wondersoft ShopAid On request Yes

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Whether you consider retail inventory management or accurate data analysis, POS software is undoubtedly the best all-in-one solution. One thing is for sure - the best POS software in UAE is the one that merges seamlessly with your business system and fulfills your required goals.

XStak’s cloud-based POS solution runs your business processes smoothly regardless of the location, internet connectivity, and the number of mediums involved. The omnichannel solution brings together data from every unit of your business network and puts you in control of the future.

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