June 27, 2024

11 Best Online Payment Gateways in UAE 2024: Ecommerce Businesses

Step into the exciting world of buying and selling online in the UAE! Something big is happening behind the scenes, a quiet but super important change. 

It's all about those Online Payment Gateways in the UAE. They're like the secret agents making sure everything runs smoothly in the world of online shopping here.

Imagine this, you're shopping online, clicking to buy something you love. That's where Online Payment Gateways come in, they're like superheroes making sure your purchase happens without a hitch. They're not just helpers, they're the key to making online shops work well and grow.

So, in this blog, we're going to share the top UAE’s best online payment gateways based on GMI’s Research.

We'll explore the staggering growth in the UAE's digital payments, projected to hit an impressive US$28.74 billion in 2023. 

We'll also explore the ascending path of the e-commerce market, set to generate a revenue of US$9.234 billion in the same year and projected to reach a volume of US$13.02 billion by 2028 with an expected CAGR of 7.11%.

For a deeper understanding of payment gateways and their multifaceted roles, dive into What is a Payment Gateway? and explore the emerging concept of Omnichannel Payments.

<div id="123" fs-test-element="UAE’s Digital Economy Growth & Gov Strategy"></div>

UAE’s Digital Economy Growth & Gov Strategy

UAE’s dynamic digital growth as the government strategically propels the digital economy. From pioneering blockchain adoption to a game-changing Digital Economy Strategy, witness the nation's ambitious plan to double GDP contribution within a decade, positioning the UAE as a global digital hub. Uncover the profound impact on e-commerce, where a growing trend shapes the market for expanding sales.

<div id="124" fs-test-element="Digital Payments Market Growth in UAE"></div>

Digital Payments Market Growth in UAE

  • UAE's Digital Payments market set to reach US$28.74 billion in 2023, highlighting its role as a key player globally.
  • E-commerce market revenue is projected at US$9.234 billion in 2023, with growth to US$13.02 billion expected by 2028 (7.11% CAGR).
  • E-commerce user base anticipated to hit 5.805 million by 2028, with user penetration increasing from 49.4% in 2023 to 60.0% in 2028.
  • Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) in the e-commerce sector estimated around US$2,004, indicating strong revenue potential.

Source: Statista

Get ready to explore the awesome world of Online Payment Gateways and discover why they're a big deal for online businesses in the UAE!

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List of Best UAE Payment Gateways for Your Ecommerce Website

  1. XPay by XStak
  2. Telr
  3. CashU
  4. Checkout
  5. 2Checkout
  6. CCAvenue
  7. Cybersource
  8. Amazon Payment Services
  9. Paytabs
  10. PayPal 
  11. Noon Payments

1. XPay by XStak

XPay by XStak E-commerce Payments - Logo

XPay by XStak is changing the game in e-commerce payments. It's a PCI DSS Compliant payment solution. This means it follows the best security rules. 

XPay offers different solutions to suit your e-commerce needs

Direct Payment Page: Integrate XPay Checkout into your website for an easy payment process. It's user-friendly and has many payment options. This helps reduce cart abandonment and boosts your sales.

Enhance Your E-commerce Strategy with XPay Checkout

A Streamlined Payment Solution for Your Online Store

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Embedded Payments Experience: The XPay Fusion API is great for developers. It lets you add payment options to your website or app. It’s flexible and makes paying online easy for your customers.

Payment Links API: Create quick payment links with XPay Payment Links API. Send these links through SMS, email, or social media. This opens up new markets and reaches more customers.

Advanced Features of XPay

XPay One-Tap Wallet: A secure way for customers to store card details. It makes paying faster and safer.

BIN Discounts: Save on transactions with Bank Identification Numbers (BINs) for personalized discounts.

Federated Links: An innovative payment method for COD orders. It makes payments smoother for customers, retailers, and couriers.

Analytics: Track payment trends and user behaviors for better business decisions.

Automated Emails: Keep customers updated on payment statuses and re-engage them if they abandon their carts.

Settlement Reconciliation: Easily manage financial transactions with accurate tracking.

Why Choose XPay

Seamless Integration: XPay works smoothly with various merchants and e-commerce platforms. 

Real-time Onboarding: Get started quickly within hours.

Multiple Payment Methods: Cards, Wallets, BNPL, and more for flexibility.

Enhanced Customer Experience: XPay is designed for smooth, secure payments.

XPay by XStak is your solution for easy, safe, and versatile e-commerce payments. It’s the universal choice for a better payment experience.

2. Telr 

Telr - Payment Gateway - Logo

Telr is a big name in payment gateways. It started as Innovative Payments. Now, it's in Dubai, Singapore, and 120 other countries. This makes Telr a global choice for many.

Easy to Start: Anyone can open a Telr account. Just visit their website. Good news - there's no fee to start.

Works with Many Shops: Telr works with lots of online stores. It fits right into Woocommerce, OpenCart, Prestashop, Shopify, and Magento. This makes it easy for many shops to use Telr.

Many Ways to Pay: Customers can pay in different ways with Telr. It takes Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Net Banking (for India), and SADAD (for Saudi Arabia).


Business Size Monthly Fee Transaction Cost
Starters AED 349/month N/A
Small Businesses AED 149/month 2.69% per sale + AED 1.00
Medium Businesses AED 99/month 2.49% per sale + AED 0.50

Ways to Add Telr to Your Site:

Hosted Gateway: Telr makes a payment page for you. Customers go there to pay.

iFrame Option: Add Telr's payment form to your site. You can make it look like your site.

Full Integration: If you want full control, you can fully add Telr to your site. This needs special security (PCI DSS).

Upgrade Your Payment System with XPay

Fast, Secure Solutions for Growing E-commerce Platforms

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3. CashU: Easy Online Payments in the Middle East

CashU Easy Online Payments in the Middle East - Logo

CashU started in the UAE and is now popular in Europe too. It's a top choice for paying online in the Middle East.

Safe to Use: CashU is known for being really safe. It has strong ways to stop fraud and protect money. This makes people trust CashU a lot.

No Risk in Payments: CashU makes sure every payment goes through safely. There's no worry about money getting lost. This is great for both buyers and shops.

Costs to Start: To use CashU, there's a fee to start and a deposit. Every year, you pay a fee based on how much you sell.

Fee Type Amount Details
Annual Fee Based on sales volume Charged according to the total sales volume
Maintenance Charge $1 per year The lowest in the market
Supported Platforms MasterCard (virtual credit card service) Compatible with MasterCard’s virtual credit card service

Ways to integrate CashU:

Standard Integration: Sends payment info right to CashU's server.

Premier Integration: Send info, get a code, and then make the payment.

API Integration: Use special tech tools for more control over payments.

CashU makes paying online easy and safe, especially in the Middle East. It's a good choice for both shoppers and businesses.

4. Checkout: Easy Online Payments for Everyone

Checkout Easy Online Payments for Everyone - Logo

Checkout is a renowne name in online payments. It's known worldwide and is popular in the UAE. This UK-based system is all about making payments smooth and easy for everyone.

Why People Like It: Checkout is cool because it can change to fit different places and needs. It gives great tips and makes paying online easy. People in the UAE love it for its awesome service and easy setup.

Works with Many Online Stores: You can use Checkout with lots of online stores. It works with WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, and Prestashop. This means lots of shops can use it.

Costs: Checkout has different prices, but they make sure it's a good deal for your shop.

Pricing Model Description
Fully Flat-Rate Charges based on your business profile and risk category only, with no hidden fees.
Free for Charities Offers free payment processing for registered charities in the countries where Checkout operates.
Simple Interchange++ Fees Includes transparent fees for card association, processor, and interchange, showing detailed transaction costs.

How to Add Checkout to Your Site:

iFrame Method: Put a payment form right on your site. It's safe and uses special tokens for payment.

Checkout.js: This is a widget that goes on your checkout page. It handles the payment stuff.

API Integration: For those who know tech stuff, use HTTP/REST library or Checkout’s SDKs to add it to your site.

Checkout makes paying online simple and safe. It's a great choice for online stores in the UAE and around the world.

5. 2Checkout 

verifone 2checkout payment gateway - Logo

2Checkout is a universal payment solutions provider in UAE, and It works all over the world. This means people from 196 countries can use it.

How It Helps: 2Checkout lets you pay in 15 languages and 87 currencies. It uses eight different ways to make a payment. This is good for small businesses too. It works with FreshBooks to make paying easier.

No Extra Fees: The best part? There's no cost to start and no monthly fees.

Feature Description
No Extra Fees No setup fee or monthly maintenance fee
Plans Costs
2SELL 3.5% + $0.35 per successful sale
2SUBSCRIBE 4.5% + $0.45 per successful sale
2MONETIZE 6.0% + $0.60 per successful sale

Works with Many Shops: It fits almost all e-commerce platforms. This makes it easy for lots of shops.

Ways to Pay: Customers can use Visa, MasterCard, Bank Transfer, PayPal, American Express, and Apple Pay.

How to Add 2Checkout:

API Method: This is for safe and secure payments.

iFrame Method: Add a payment form to your site easily.

2Checkout makes it easy for everyone to pay and sell online, all over the world.

6. CCAvenue: Payment Gateway UAE

ccavenue Top Payment Gateway from India to the UAE - Logo

CCAvenue is a big name in payment gateways. It's from India and is now used a lot in the UAE. It works for all kinds of businesses, big and small.

Why People Pick CCAvenue: What's cool about CCAvenue is that it has flexible prices. It fits any business size. Starting is free, and it costs about AED 200 a month to keep going. Even though the cost is a bit high, it offers free 24/7 support and keeps payments safe from fraud.

Plans and Costs: CCAvenue has different plans, but they all make sure you get a good deal.

Item Popular Plan Privilege Plan
Setup Fee Zero* (AED 0) Customized Pricing (Request a Custom Quote)
Monthly Maintenance Fee AED 200 Customized (Request a Custom Quote)
Per Transaction Fee AED 1.0 Customized (Request a Custom Quote)
Card/Banking Charges
MasterCard/Visa (Credit & Debit Cards) 3.0%** Customized
American Express 3.0%** Customized
Mashreq Bank Net Banking 3.0%** Customized
Invoice Payments AED 1 per invoice + Transaction fee AED 1 per invoice + Transaction fee

Works with Many Online Stores: CCAvenue fits with all the big e-commerce platforms. This makes it easy for lots of shops to use.

How to Add CCAvenue:

CCAvenue Billing Page: This gives you a special billing page. It's easy and means you don't have to make your own checkout page.

iFrame Checkout: Put a payment form on your site that checks payments right away.

Direct Payment: Let people pay directly on your site, without going to CCAvenue.

CCAvenue makes paying online simple and safe. It's a great choice for online stores in the UAE and beyond.

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7. Cybersource

cybersource payment solution - Logo

Cybersource is part of VISA, a popular payment gateway in the UAE. It works in over 190 countries. Since 1994, it has been helping with online payments. Being part of VISA means it's safe.

What It Offers: Cybersource is known for letting people pay with things like Android Pay, Apple Pay, and Alipay. It's a favorite because it's modern and works well for online shopping.

Cybersource has cool features to keep payments safe:

  • Cross-Channel Payments: You can pay in different ways.
  • Fraud Alert: It watches out for any tricky stuff.
  • Address Check: It makes sure delivery addresses are real.
  • Account Safety: Keeps customer accounts safe from bad guys.

How to Use It:

You can add Cybersource to your website or app. It works with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more. This helps make paying online easy and safe.

Cybersource is all about making online buying easy and keeping your money safe. It's a good choice for shops and customers.

8. Amazon Payment Services

Amazon Payment Services - Logo

Amazon Payment Services, which used to be Payfort, is a well-known payment gateway in the UAE. It's especially liked by new business owners. This is because it fits well with shopping habits and trends in Arab countries.

Amazon bought Payfort in the last part of 2020. Since then, Amazon Payment Services has become known for being very trustworthy. This means it's good at avoiding risks when you make transactions.

Process global payments with local fees, supporting over 100 currencies, local payment methods, and digital wallets.

They have a pricing plan that's simple:

Monthly Transaction Volume Plan Type Details
Less Than AED 300,000 Standard Plan - 2.80%* + AED 1.0 per transaction
- Fixed monthly account management fee of AED 200
- Access to local payment methods
- Standard fraud monitoring
- No setup or integration fees
(*International transaction rates may differ)
More Than AED 300,000 Customized Plan - Design a tailored package for your business
- Volume discount
- A Custom solution
- Multi-service discount
- Country-specific rates

9. PayTabs

PayTabs UAE Best Payment Solution - Logo

PayTabs, started in 2014, is famous for stopping fraud and having cool features. It's one of the UAE's top payment gateways, known for being reliable and modern. Adding PayTabs to your online store is super easy. You can set it up in less than a day!

A cool thing about PayTabs is how it makes and sends invoices with the latest tech. It works with many platforms like Magento, WooCommerce, CS-Cart, Shopify, OpenCart, and Prestashop.

PayTabs lets customers pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Mada, and STCPay.


Plan Flexi Plan Standard Plan Advanced Plan Enterprise Corporate Plan
Rates 2.90% + 1 AED/SAR per transaction 2.85% + 1 AED/SAR per transaction 2.85% + 1 AED/SAR per transaction Customized
Set up Fees Zero USD 250 USD 500 Contact Sales Representative
Monthly Fee Zero USD 50 (only if monthly volume is below USD 2000) USD 50 (if volumes do not exceed AED/SAR 20,000) Contact Sales Representative
Monthly Volume AED/SAR 20,000 to AED/SAR 50,000 Over USD 2,000 AED/SAR 20,000 and above Over AED/SAR 50,000

You have three ways to add it to your site:

Hosted payment: Choose a special payment form for your site.

E-commerce plugins: Use it with Shopify, WooCommerce, CSCart, and more.

Direct API: This includes PayTabs' own payment page and other options.

This makes PayTabs a great choice for your online business!

Enhance Your Checkout Interface with Payment Solution

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10. PayPal

PayPal famous for being easy to use - Logo

PayPal is famous for being easy to use and widely accepted. It's a top choice for both personal and business money matters.

This service lets you send money, shop online, and get paid safely and easily. It connects smoothly with many online shops and websites. This makes buying and selling online simpler.

PayPal is also flexible. You can link it to your bank accounts and credit cards. Lots of people trust PayPal because it really focuses on keeping buyers and sellers safe. It's a great pick for anyone who needs a reliable way to pay or get paid online.

Integration Options: PayPal offers different ways to add it to online stores. This includes APIs, SDKs, and ready-made plugins. It's great for popular e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento.

Supported Platforms: PayPal works on websites, mobile devices, and various apps. It's one of the most well-known payment gateways in the world. It helps all kinds of businesses in many industries.


Transaction Type Rate Fixed Fee
Standard Rate for Receiving Domestic Transactions 3.40% to 5.40% Varies by Currency
Merchant Rate for Receiving Transactions 4.40% to 5.40% (based on monthly transaction volume) Varies by Currency
Receiving International Transactions 3.40% to 5.40% (varies by market/region) Varies by Currency

Payment Options: With PayPal, you can pay using credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, and your PayPal balance. It also has One Touch for quick and secure payments. This makes PayPal a handy tool for all your online payment needs.

11. Noon Payments

Noon Payments - Logo

Noon Payments is a new player in online payments, growing fast in the Middle East and North Africa. It's good for e-commerce, making buying online safe and fast. Noon lets customers pay in many ways, like with credit or debit cards and even cash-on-delivery.

It offers a secure and fast way for customers to make payments online. This is important for e-commerce growth as it builds trust and improves user experience.

Payment Methods: Noon provides various payment options like credit cards, debit cards, and cash-on-delivery. This variety caters to different preferences and needs of its customers.

User-Friendly Interface: The platform is known for being easy to use. This user-friendliness is crucial for attracting and retaining both customers and e-commerce businesses.

Integration Options: Noon Payments offers integration solutions through plugins and APIs. This means businesses can easily add Noon to their websites or apps, allowing for a seamless checkout process.

Supported Platforms: It's mainly designed for online retail, making it suitable for retail and e-commerce companies. Its compatibility with online and mobile applications enhances its versatility.

Payment Flexibility: Noon is popular for offering a wide range of payment options. This flexibility, including installment plans, appeals to a broad range of online shoppers.

<div id="126" fs-test-element="Factors to Consider When You Select  UAE’s Payment Gateway"></div>

Factors to Consider When You Select  UAE’s Payment Gateway

Select the right payment gateway for the UAE market requires a detailed understanding of various aspects, backed by relevant statistics and industry insights. Here's a more detailed look at each factor:

1. Security Compliance

Security is a top concern for online transactions. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is crucial for protecting cardholder data. As per a report by SecurityMetrics, over 80% of businesses fail their interim PCI compliance assessment, indicating the importance of choosing a gateway that maintains continuous compliance.

2. Supported E-commerce Platforms

Ensuring compatibility with e-commerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento is essential. As reported by Ecommerce Platforms, Shopify's market share in the e-commerce platform sector has reached 32%, surpassing competitors such as Bigcommerce, Magento, Wix, and Squarespace.

This substantial market share highlights Shopify's strong presence and popularity among e-commerce platforms, emphasizing its importance for payment gateways to support. If you're looking to scale your business and need assistance with this integration, feel free to reach out to us for solutions.

Optimize Your E-commerce Experience with XPay

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3. Transaction Fees and Pricing Structure

The cost-effectiveness of a payment gateway is vital. In the Middle East, average transaction fees can range between 2% and 3.5%. A study by JP Morgan Chase highlights that transparent pricing models are preferred by merchants as they facilitate better financial planning.

4. International Transaction Capabilities

The UAE is a hub for international trade. According to the World Bank, the UAE's total trade amounted to 174% of its GDP in 2019, underscoring the need for a payment gateway capable of handling international transactions efficiently.

5. User Experience and Interface

A simple and intuitive payment process is key to reducing cart abandonment. Research by the Baymard Institute suggests that an optimized checkout design can increase conversion rates by 35.26%.

6. Customer Support Services

Exceptional customer service is crucial for resolving transaction issues swiftly. A Microsoft report reveals that 96% of respondents consider customer service to be important in their choice of loyalty to a brand.

7. Integration Ease and Flexibility

The UAE's rapidly evolving digital landscape demands flexible and easy-to-integrate payment solutions. A Salesforce report indicates that 89% of IT leaders say a seamless integration of new technology is essential for business success.

8. Payment Methods Supported

Offering a range of payment options is important to cater to diverse customer preferences. A survey by shows that 42% of consumers in the MENA region prefer to pay using digital payment methods over cash.

9. Market Reputation and Reliability

A reliable payment gateway can enhance customer trust. PwC's Global Consumer Insights Survey suggests that 35% of consumers rank "trust in brand" as a top-three reason influencing their purchase decisions.

10. Scalability and Growth Support

As your business grows, your payment gateway should be able to keep up. According to a report by Kearney, the e-commerce market in the UAE is expected to reach $8 billion by 2025, highlighting the need for scalable payment solutions.

11. Data Analytics and Reporting Tools

Data-driven insights can significantly impact business strategies. Forbes notes that companies that adopt data-driven marketing are more likely to have an advantage over the competition and increase profitability.

Each of these factors, backed by relevant statistics, underscores the importance of carefully selecting a payment gateway that not only meets current needs but is also poised for future growth and changes in the dynamic UAE market.

<div id="127" fs-test-element="Payment Gateways in UAE Price Comparison"></div>

Payment Gateways in UAE Price Comparison

Payment Gateway Setup Cost Transaction Charges
XPay by XStak N/A N/A
Telr None 0%
CashU None 2.5 – 3.3% + 2 AED
Checkout None 2.90% + 0.75 AED
2Checkout None 3.9% + 1.65 AED
CCAvenue None 3% + 1 AED
Cybersource 0-200 AED 0% + 1.3 AED
Amazon Payment Services N/A N/A
Paytabs 1470 AED 2.85% + 1 AED
PayPal N/A N/A
Noon Payments N/A N/A


<div id="128" fs-test-element="Which Payment Gateway is Best in the UAE?"></div>

Which Payment Gateway is Best in the UAE?

Telr, 2Checkout, XPay by XStak, and Amazon Payment Services lead the pack.

Which is the Most Used Payment Gateway in Dubai?

Telr and PayTabs enjoy widespread popularity.

Which is the Cheapest Payment Gateway in UAE?

Telr & XPay by XStak offers competitive pricing, making it an affordable choice.

Which Payment Gateway is Best for the Middle East?

Telr and 2Checkout cater well to Middle Eastern markets.

Is Stripe Available in the UAE?

Yes, offering a range of payment methods.

Popular Online Payment Apps in the UAE?

Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Payit, ziina are widely used.

Is PayPal Allowed in the UAE?

Yes, it’s a common choice for online transactions.

How Many Payment Gateways are in the UAE?

Several, including Telr, XPay by XStak, PayTabs, and Stripe.

What is Payment Gateway Integration?

It involves adding a payment service to an app or website for secure transactions.

<div id="129" fs-test-element="Conclusion"></div>


We've made a list of the 11 best payment gateways for the UAE, using research from GMI. If you're thinking about adding one to your online store, we're here to help for free support. Our team at XStak is ready to help your business grow. We know a lot about these payment solutions and can help you pick the right one. Working with us makes setting up a payment gateway easy. This helps your online business do well in the UAE market.

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