January 22, 2024

7 Most Popular Food Delivery Apps in Dubai & UAE [Updated 2024]

It’s no secret that the UAE is food heaven for food lovers but choosing the right food delivery apps in Dubai is quite stressful, leaving you scratching your heads. You’ve to ponder about high delivery charges, required order value, and whether you’ll get to eat hot or cold food after all this hassle.

The terrain for food delivery apps in UAE had to suffer some unexpected thunderous situations which weighed heavily on the food businesses. There were 2 variants that shaped the scenario. One was the COVID-19 situation which resulted in narrowing down the restaurant’s dine-in customers. The other variant involved alliances with food aggregators demanding tremendous charges for offering their delivery services to various eCommerce business owners.

During this hard time, UAE, being a well-established and popular country for its mystery and glamor also had to face extensive hurdles for the survival of its food industry and invested genuine efforts to beat these food aggregators that were consistently making it crucial for the food industry to survive and meet their expenditures. The food ordering apps are the pieces of the same puzzle. The community of the UAE, having strong cultural values, is now making the best use of modern and innovative technology to order cultural and halal food from various food ordering apps. One step forward in making their lives much easier & convenient.

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Food Delivery Statistics in UAE

Food Delivery Statistics in UAE

According to the research conducted by Statista, the user penetration of food delivery apps in the UAE is expected to constantly rise to US$2.18bn in 2022 with an anticipated annual growth rate of 8.5% ( CAGR) by 2026. The number of online food delivery users is foreseen to increase to an amount of 6m by 2026, resulting in the rapid increase of user penetration rate in this segment to around 45% in 2022. 

Let’s have a clear understanding by diving deeper into the Measurable AI’s granular e-receipt panel’s data in the UAE to come to know which intuitions can be brought to light when it’s related to the best food delivery apps in the UAE. From a broader perspective, Talabat, Careem, and Deliveroo have been considered the top food delivery contestants winning the hearts of millions of Emiratis.  

Let’s make this more interesting by guessing which contestant you think is the most loved amongst the people of the Middle East.

Data-driven decision-making powered by E-Receipt consumer panels shows that Talabat is the clear winner for ‘’Big Spenders’’ with Deliveroo being the potential runner-up. This revelation is based on the total market share, which was calculated based on their order volume.

Quick Commerce enabled by these Food delivery apps is paving the way forward for food businesses as it benefits the customers with its optimized timelines based on users' locations without any disturbances and delays. Customers get their food deliveries from the nearest branches to their desired place within the specified period.

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7 Best Food Delivery Apps In Dubai UAE 

Whether you’re craving some chickpea omelet or dribbling over some other delicious cuisines, this list of best and most reliable food delivery apps in Dubai can prove to be a lifesaver for you, showcasing all the unique features and competitive analysis of different food delivery apps. 

This article will not only assist you in choosing the area’s best food ordering apps, but also provide a solid comparison of their prices, and track your orders.

  1. Talabat
  2. Careem (UberEats)
  3. Deliveroo
  4. Noon Food
  5. Eat-Easy
  6. Clean Eat Me
  7. Munch: On

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Talabat, one of the best, reliable, and pocket-friendly food ordering apps in Dubai, has been nurturing eminence and glory for ages. 

They have been ruling the food delivery market with their proficient team of employees, a thundering customer support system, and efficient & transitory order fulfillment operations. These productive attributes of Talabat act as magic for Emiratis all over the UAE.

Don’t just rush, choose wisely when it comes to food ordering. Give Talabat a shot, and unveil the magic yourself.

  • You can browse through different types of cuisines from thousands of different food hubs located nearby. 
  • Once you find your favorite cuisine, you can confirm it with a click and pay instantly using any of the two payment options: debit card or COD. 
  • The app also helps you keep a track record of your previous orders so you can reorder with ease. 
  • You can use this app without making an account while using the guest checkout option.

In the food industry business, Talabat provides an enthusiastic and devoted user panel, delivery boy panel for efficient and speedy order delivery & restaurant panel to process orders that are coming from online mediums.

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Careem (Uber Eats)

Careem has gained huge success & popularity in the Middle East as one of the best food delivery apps in Dubai. It was created in 2012 and afterward, it was acquired by Uber in the year 2020. 

  • It allows you to track your food order in real-time.
  • It saves your most frequent orders so that you can easily reorder items with just one click.
  • The app consists of an exclusive tab that depicts various discount offers and amazing deals, so you can save some cash by availing of the best deals.
  • The minimum delivery fee of Careem is set at AED 7.

Using this incredible app, you get to explore thousands of mouth-watering cuisines from UAE’s wide range of food restaurants. The range includes all types of food such as fast food, Arabic foods, and Emirati’s best cuisines. 

The Careem app possesses an awe-inspiring attribute that permits you to hunt your desired food by searching for them based on their ingredients. You just have to enter your preference in the search box and it will show the list of all the foods that contain those ingredients. 

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Deliveroo is a food ordering app that has a broad coverage of hubs to ensure you always get the desired food of your choice in the blink of an eye. It comes as a strong suggestion for those who are in the lurk of trustworthy food ordering apps in Dubai. 

The mind-blowing characteristics of the Deliveroo app are as follows:

  • Choose from plenty of pocket-friendly food such as biryani, club sandwiches, bbq, chicken masala, curries, etc as these are some of the specialties of Deliveroo.
  • The minimum delivery charges are set as AED 7, which is comparatively low than other luxury food delivery apps in Dubai.

This Deliveroo app segments various famous food restaurants based on the user’s location. The food is delivered right to your doorstep across the UAE in no time.

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Noon Food

Noon food is a popular food ordering app in UAE which is well-known for its easy payment method and crystal clear fee structure that applies to your order.

Their area of service includes

  • Dubai
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Sharjah

It gained most popularity due to a unique and silent delivery method known as ‘Good morning mode.’ In this process, the food is delivered to the customers between 5 - 9 am. They will send you a text message via the app. There are no calls or other means of contact between the customer and the delivery guy.

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Next on our list is notorious EatEasy, providing all types of grocery and food delivery services for steadfast people. It’s an ideal hybrid app that offers impeccable food ordering services throughout the neighborhood. Fulfill all your food hunkering by giving this flawless app a try.

The key features of EatEasy are: 

  • Available on Android, iOS, and desktop
  • Segmentation based on the user's area
  • Redemption of the cashback
  • Payment via cash, credit card, or COD 
  • Delivery in all major cities of Dubai

Hundreds of delectable restaurants, pharmacies, and groceries are on its list. You can buy anything like food, confectionaries, groceries, medicines, plants, and flowers through this app.

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Eat Clean

Eat Clean, is another great food ordering app across, that not only sells dishes but also creates a meal plan for those who are diet conscious and want to lose some weight. Select a food course of your choice and pay delivery charges beforehand.

By using this Eat Clean app, you can also pay in advance for the 3-4 weeks meal plans. You can also alter the daily deliveries, consisting of 3 meals & 2 snacks.

Eat Clean food ordering app is available in:

  1. Dubai
  2. Sharjah
  3. Abu Dhabi
  4. Al Ain
  5. Ras Al Khaimah

Order healthy yet delicious vegan food with low calories for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Their motive is to offer healthy food intake such as Keto, gluten-free food, or athletic food on a daily basis. 

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Munch: On

Last but not the least, Munch: On is also known as Lunch in Dubai. It is one of the best and reasonable food ordering is ideal for those people who are always on the go and want to order daily meals during their office hours.

Below is the list of some of the key features of Munch On that make it highly appreciable among Emiratis:

  • An eccentric assortment of cuisines. 
  • Receive weekly suggestions, amazing deals & discounts by signing up. 
  • If the office or food place break time is not coinciding with each other, you can also schedule your food deliveries in advance to save you from any inconvenience. 
  • The arrival of food on time!

Most of the target audience for Munch: On is the working class. That’s why it’s very popular among strenuous people.

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Steering the Future of the Food Industry with Quick Commerce!

In today’s world, customers are increasingly restless and always prefer quicker, and efficient food deliveries. Restaurants which have multiple outlets and want to delight their customers with quick self deliveries should look into quick commerce solutions. One such solution provider is XStak.

XStak's Quick Commerce solution yields effective and efficient outcomes. It provides restaurants with a web and mobile app where they can display their catalogs and get orders from the customers. It also provides restaurants with packer and rider apps which help them deliver the orders to their customers in an efficient manner. The whole concept is based on usage-based pricing which allows you to pay as you grow. The easy to use interface provides users with a seamless delivery experience while enhancing the possibilities of repetitive customers. 

The Final Verdict

The above-mentioned food delivery apps in UAE were just a few fish in a pond that are recommended to get you started. If you want to order through some other food ordering apps, be sure to surf via our blog to have some beneficial intuitions.

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