June 12, 2023

Build Your Pharmacy Delivery Management System to Stay Competitive

Numerous medical stores have implemented pharmacy delivery management solutions because customers prefer to buy prescription drugs online. People all over the globe have started to become accustomed to online pharmacies as they get the added benefits of lucrative discount offers and quick home deliveries. 

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Online Pharmacy Market Size

Pharmacy delivery management solutions became prevalent during the pandemic and are still growing in popularity. The global pharmacy delivery market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 5.9%. Moreover, the global online market will rise to USD 128 billion by 2023. 

online pharmacy market size

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Delivery challenges faced by independent pharmacists

Numerous drug stores have had offline pharmacy retail software for a long time. With the rise in demand for pharmacy deliveries, medical stores are implementing pharmacy delivery software. However, it is pertinent to understand that implementing such a delivery solution can be challenging.

  • Speed: Pharmacies should deliver medicines in time because a delay can harm customers' health.
  • Order Allocation: Ensuring that consumers receive the prescribed drugs according to the doctor's prescription.
  • Inventory Monitoring: To ensure a reliable delivery service, pharmacies have to go through the complex process of maintaining their stock levels.
  • Supply Chain Visibility: The complex process of efficiently sourcing and delivering medicines is a problem for many independent pharmacies. 
  • Delivery Transparency: Tracking the exact location of every delivery is a challenge for many medical stores.
  • Communication: Many pharmacies face the challenge of building a seamless communication channel between delivery agents, customers, and themselves.
  • Measuring Metrics in Delivery Logistics: Pharmacies should be able to analyze key performance indicators of delivery metrics for improved efficiency.
  • Reverse logistics: Quickly overcoming delivery issues can be challenging for independent medical stores. 

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Types of pharmacists (delivery models)

Two business models are used to classify types of pharmacists.

The 1st business model is for pharmacies that store a lot of medications. Such medical stores can conveniently implement an online medicine delivery solution to increase their customer base. (Direct To Customer)

According to the second business model, sellers act as intermediaries between medicine suppliers and customers. Intermediaries utilize a delivery app and are only responsible for taking and sending orders to delivery drivers. It is pertinent for pharmacists to choose one of the available business models before building a pharmacy delivery management solution.  

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Benefits of pharmacy delivery management solution 

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Benefits to Customers

A pharmacy delivery management system allows customers to browse numerous categories of medications, find generic alternatives, and make payments. 

  1. No travel expenses: Customers can get their prescribed medication delivered to their doorstep while avoiding infectious diseases. 
  2. Information about medications: Customers can conveniently browse medicines and find generic alternatives.
  3. Alerts on medicine stock level: Pharmacy delivery apps help the customer by notifying them when they're running out of their prescribed medication.
  4. Price comparison: A pharmacy delivery app offers price comparisons of countless medicines.  
  5. Return policy: With a pharmacy delivery solution, customers can return medicines and get quick refunds. 

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Benefits to Pharmacies

With a modern pharmacy delivery management system, medical stores can 

  1. Explore a new revenue stream by taking orders online and delivering to customers
  2. Sign up customers on their app and convert them into loyal customers
  3. Perform different marketing activities inside their app  
  4. Retrieve statistical data and increase their sales by using the insights

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Key features of pharmacy delivery software

  • Instruction: Information regarding medicine side effects and intake amount should be clearly labeled. 
  • Prescription: Prescription should be conveniently uploadable through the customer app.
  • The Request: Buyers should be able to request medicines not currently available in stock.
  • Online Chat: The delivery app must comprise an online chat panel for customer support.
  • Advice from a doctor: Customers should have the option to consult with a doctor online.
  • Push Notifications: Customers should receive notifications regarding refill reminders and discount deals.
  • Secured Payments: Buyers should have multiple payment options via integrable third-party payment providers.
  • Order Tracking: Consumers should be able to track the status of their orders with a built-in pharmacy delivery tracking software.
  • Alternatives: Customers should get recommendations of substitutes for out-of-stock medicines.  
  • Admin Dashboard: Pharmacists can conveniently manage app users and supplies.
  • Inventory Management System: Update inventory and keep tabs on medicine expiry dates.
  • Analytics Reports: Analyze customer behavior transaction reports and improve efficiency.
  • Marketing Tools: Create distinctive campaigns to increase customer loyalty and attract new customers.

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Build an efficient pharmacy delivery management solution with XStak

XStak pharmacy delivery management system primarily functions via the customer, packer/rider, and admin portal app. With XStak, medical stores can build their on-demand e-pharmacy solution according to their requirements.

XStak pharmacy delivery management system works in the following way:

  1. Customers can sign up and upload their prescriptions or search for required medicines.
  2. Users can then place the order and choose/complete their payment method.
  3. The pharmacy staff receives a notification and order details.
  4. The order is confirmed by the pharmacist and packed by the pharmacy staff.
  5. The rider (in-house/courier) is assigned the delivery order. 
on-demand pharmacy delivery system works

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Medicine delivery app for customers

With XStak's pharmacy delivery app for customers, users can quickly register and sign in through social logins. The app allows customers to upload their prescriptions and seamlessly search for medicines. Customers can pay for orders via multiple payment methods. Users can also review product information, including possible alternatives and side effects. With XStak's e-pharmacy solution, customers can receive notifications regarding special offers and prescription refills. Moreover, the app lets customers share feedback and send refund queries.

Medicine delivery app for customers

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Packer and Delivery Apps

With the packer app, staff can accept and correctly pack the orders placed via the user app. The app notifies packers of new orders and lets them manage accordingly. Additionally, packers can access customer order history. The rider app is essential for all delivery services. With this app, riders can register/sign in via social logins and add their personal information. Riders can accept delivery requests and keep tabs on any changes. Moreover, the XStak app allows riders to find the ideal route with route optimization and change the order status.

Packer and a rider app pharmacy delivery rider app

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Admin portal for pharmacy managers

XStak admin portal app enables pharmacists to manage all deliveries, orders, and customer transactions. With real-time analytics, store managers can keep tabs on processed payments, customers' order status, and chargebacks. The admin support team can utilize the app to answer buyers' queries and review customer feedback. Moreover, the admin app comprises essential inventory management features, including low stock alerts, medicine expiration date notifications, and supplier management. 

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The pharmacy delivery management system offers retailers a customizable and fully equipped quick-commerce solution, ideal for same-day deliveries. Pharmacy managers can try the free demo to improve their pharmacy sales and acquire new customers.

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