May 18, 2022

Online Grocery Store Ordering System to Fulfill your Quick Delivery Needs

The covid-19 pandemic led many retail businesses to adapt by implementing quick commerce solutions. The hyperlocal delivery model enables  offline stores to go online and instantly deliver to nearby customer  via a digital platform. Numerous retailers have adopted a quick-commerce model and have experienced immense growth in overall sales. Quick-commerce solutions offer record delivery times and improved customer satisfaction. XStak offers a headless, quick commerce platform that quickly and easily allows retailers to go online and start delivering customer orders.

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Online Grocery Market Size

online grocery market growth

Online grocery sales are booming worldwide. The graph represents the online grocery market in the US, expected to double by 2025.

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Types of Business Models for Online Grocery Shopping

Inventory Model

Niched products like daily milk stocked by platform stores are collected and delivered via an internal or external supply network.

The Shopping Model

A multi-seller model that enables vendors to buy and deliver goods.

The Hyper-local Model

The hyper-local structure is currently the most popular buzzword in e-commerce, linking customers to nearby grocery stores via an online grocery ordering system.

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Grocery eCommerce Journey

Grocery eCommerce Journey
Source: Supermarket News

The graph elucidates the total grocery sales in the US. It also represents the total projected grocery sales for 2022-2025. By analyzing the chart, one can easily compare the estimated grocery eCommerce sales % (pre-covid) and grocery eCommerce sales %(post-covid). 

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Website & Mobile App for Customers to Place Orders

An app for customers to place orders is essential for e-commerce and q-commerce. Quick commerce mobile and web applications enable customers to search stores, add products to their cart, and receive swift deliveries. Quick-commerce solution features a consumer web, IOS, and android application. Consumers can also add tips to their orders via the customer application. XStak offers complete functionality for customers via its consumer app. Furthermore, with XStak, store managers can also integrate the stripe payment gateway

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Packer & Delivery Apps

Packer and delivery apps for grocery stores let the stores automate their packing and delivery operations. . The packer app ensures that an available packer accepts the order and packs the items in that order.He can edit the order item quantity if the required product is out of stock.  After the packing process, a rider using the delivery application can make speedy deliveries to the end customer. The delivery app allows delivery personnel to accept orders and find the ideal route (route optimization).

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Admin Web Portal

The admin web portal provides access to a central dashboard to manage your online delivery operations. It grants access to manage all orders, catalogs, and inventory. Additionally, the admin web portal enables the store manager to set the precise location of the store. XStak's admin panel helps manage your day-to-day business operations and is also a hub for your online grocery business. XStak assigns the store manager role to the seller and grants admin permission for the complete store. The admin portal allows the seller to manage inventory and all customer orders. Additionally, the store manager can set the exact location for his store to receive orders placed by nearby customers.

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Essential Features for an Online Grocery Stores

Order and Inventory

  • Seamless Order Management: Allows order placement, appropriate assignment of the order to an offline store, and tracking till its final status. Efficient Product Management: You can instantly onboard your in-store inventory online and start selling to nearby customers.
  • Product Catalog for Each Store: Online grocery stores can manage and display a complete product catalog.
  • Automated Order Processing: Automate your order placement, packing and delivery operations.  Streamline logistics to optimize delivery times. User Level Privileges: You can assign role-based access from the admin portal for increased data security. 


  • SMS Notifications: Automatic SMS Notification sent to keep your customers updated.
  • Push Notifications: Send push notifications to make your customer's shopping experience more personalized and accessible. 
  • Promotion Banners and Coupons: You can alter banner images for the web and mobile app according to your retail store's requirements. You can also generate or change coupons by accessing the admin portal.

Delivery Management

  • Curbside pickup/delivery at doorstep: Online grocery store provides customers with a choice between pickup and delivery of orders.
  • Optimized Delivery: Route optimization delivery helps riders find the most economical and quickest route. 
  • Proof of Delivery: Reduces overall liability and removes the need for manual data entry.

Business Intelligence

  • Reporting and Dashboard KPI: You can conveniently analyze e-commerce, marketing, and payment metrics like Total orders and GMV within a time range, returned and cancelled orders and GMV, Average basket value, repeat customers, average packaging time and average transit time.
  • Real-time Visibility into Operations: Gain access to business performance reports in real-time. 

Online Payments

  • Payment & Data Security: Utilize numerous payment-related APIs and access multiple payment options such as Stripe, MasterCard, and Visa. 

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Grocery Ordering Software

XStak provides an easy onboarding process without any delays or usage issues. XStak follows a usage-based pricing model as you will not be required to pay any fixed license costs. With the right q-commerce platform, your retail business can experience increased revenues,  increased operational efficiency and process automation. XStak offers an easy-to-use interface and has led to the growth of e-groceries in Pakistan. XStak's optimized delivery system enables speedy deliveries, improving the chances of converting new customers into repeat shoppers. 


Does eCommerce Platform allow online payment integration?

eCommerce Platform allows payment solutions such as online B2C and BNPL. 

Can I manage my grocery store's branches in different cities?

With eCommerce Platform ordering app-admin, you can conveniently manage multiple grocery store branches.

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Does eCommerce Platform work on Android / iOS phones?

Yes, XStak works on both Android and IOS phones.

How do I feel secure in the eCommerce Platform?

XStak's strategically hosted cloud servers are guaranteed to provide you with high levels of data security. 

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Where's eCommerce Grocery Online Ordering System Currently Running?

Chase Up, one of the largest departmental stores in Pakistan, has gained massive success by implementing Quick commerce solution. Moreover, many other famous brands are launching their online operations using Ecommerce Platform including Rainbow cash and carry and Punjab Beef Shop.

XStak offers an ideal quick commerce solution for small to mid-size retailers, including grocery stores, food businesses, and supermarkets. Additionally, with XStak, you can minimize dead stock and improve supply chain management. 

Become An Omnichannel Retailer

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