January 5, 2023

Looking for an Alternative to Brightpearl? Try This One

Finding a Brightpearl alternative is like searching for a needle in a haystack. These are big shoes to fill and there aren't many products that can do so. But if there is one that goes head-to-head, it is XStak’s all-in-one retail operating system (ROS).

We don’t have anything negative to say about Brightpearl, the company has done a great job. However, there is always room for improvement, be it growth or expansion in features. This is where XStak gets the edge and beats Brightpearl alternatives and the ROS itself.

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About XStak

It is a retail operating system that incorporates Omni channel retail solutions for next-generation retailers. XStak is a retail management system (RMS) that combines several modules and aids the day-to-day retail operations. The end-to-end platform allows you to use all the tools within commerce, marketing, payments, and business intelligence (BI).

What’s more intriguing is that you can manage and monitor multi-location stores using XStak. It is the perfect solution for handling your multi-chain business online as well as offline.

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Why Is XStak Better Than Brightpearl?

Brightpearl is an operating system for retailers but it’s primarily aimed at small to medium businesses. In fact, 86% of its total users are small retailers. Although it is equally useful for SMBs and large enterprises, the ROS lacks in terms of market exposure. The needs of mid to enterprise-level retailers are altogether different from small businesses. Then there’s a high cost for features which are traditional and often lack customization.

XStak, on the other hand, is solely built for mid-level retailers and large businesses. The all-in-one retail operating system meets the industry requirements. It offers customization, quick integrations, and customer service support.

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5 Reasons for Choosing XStak as a Brightpearl Alternative

As a Brightpearl alternative, XStak meets retailers’ requirements, above and beyond their needs. The answer to its great usability is hidden in its unique features.

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Headless Commerce Frontend and Last Mile Delivery

In case you aren’t aware of headless commerce, it’s an approach that offers flexibility and agility to eCommerce businesses. A headless platform allows you to manage both the front-end and back-end of your business separately. So you get to integrate all your sales channels on one platform.

Brightpearl is also a headless platform which can manage high-volume orders. It connects your supply, inventory, and sales both online and offline. But when we talk about headless commerce frontend, XStak is one step ahead. The Brightpearl alternative provides retailers with a headless commerce frontend where retailers who currently do not have a frontend can onboard their products and go online instantaneously. This headless commerce frontend is available to retailers both as a mobile and web application. 

In addition to Headless commerce frontend, XStak also provides retailers with a list mile delivery solution which can be connected with XStak’s or any other headless commerce frontend. This last mile delivery solution includes a packer app and a delivery app for route optimization.

"At Bonanza, we were looking to improve our operational efficiencies by decreasing delivery time and cost. Xstak product Omnichannel engine helped us achieve this with it’s integrated omnichannel order and inventory systems. Our ecommerce performance has improved immensely and we are confident that we will attain further heights with Xstak."
Nida, ECommerce Head

XStak offers the true omnichannel experience by providing a headless frontend. This means retailers can not only display and sell goods but can also tailor their front-end inventory. You can customize settings according to the geographical locations of your consumers and get to automate customer notifications as well.

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More Personalized Shopping Experiences

When we say XStak is one step ahead in the game, we mean it’s in a different class. Especially, when it comes to offering a personalized shopping experience to your customers. A shining example of this is XStak's Image Similarity Module.

The Image Similarity Module facilitates your customers to search for similar items or products. Instead of wasting time browsing, they can find the desired products by simply uploading an image. This is a product recommender which works through image recognition using artificial intelligence (AI). It’s a time-saving feature which gets your customers hooked to your online store.

The high-level engagement can turn buyers into loyal customers which means more revenue. The best part is that the Image Similarity Module is integratable with any eCommerce platform such as Magento or Shopify.

"Thanks to the team behind XStak, it really has been a great find. We at Chase Up have improved our e-commerce front manifolds. We're able to offer great UX for customers to order from us and we get different options and tools to make our picking and deliveries efficient. This is just the beginning as we aim to scale further using XStak's platform."
Ahmed Junaidi | Head of Marketing

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No- Code Omnichannel Loyalty Management System 

Do you know that existing customers are 14 times more likely to buy from you than new ones?

But to build a loyal customer base, you need to offer something in return as well. This can be in the form of discounts, coupons, or free gifts. If you do so, the customers will be willing to spend more on each visit and will continue to shop from your store. That’s why most retailers invest in loyalty programs and loyalty management systems.

No- Code Omnichannel Loyalty Management System

But when you get Brightpearl, there is no proper module for loyalty programs. Whereas XStak has a next generation, no-code loyalty management system which you can integrate across all sales channels. It lets you reward customers for their loyalty by configuring thousands of highly granular reward rules in a no-code environment without the need of a developer.

Xstak’s loyalty management system helps you engage and retain customers by offering them points or rewards. The best part is that you can design your own loyalty program based on customer insights.

Through the loyalty management module, you get to identify customers through our unmatched and best-in-breed artificial intelligent technology. You can segment your customers into tiers and create highly personalized offers. Furthermore, you can reward customers for social media referrals and activities.

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Take Advantage of Multiple Payments Options Provided By XPay 

Nothing more frustrating for online customers than a laborious payment method. Buyers tend to leave their carts if the checkout page is overwhelming or if they have to add card details repeatedly. One other thing that reduces the revenue is the fewer payment options. This is another key point where XStak shows up as a better Brightpearl alternative.

XStak provides you all sorts of payment options to integrate with your retail store. XPay is the omnichannel payment solution which lets you collect card payments, bank transfers, mobile wallet payments, and BNPL as well as offline point of sales payments. 

With XStak’s payments module, your customer pays seamlessly on your website using XStak’s user-friendly and simple interface. In addition to a better customer experience, XStak’s payments solution provides enhanced functionality to retailers on its admin panel. It provides various advanced features like refunds, custom payment links, settlement reconciliation, bin based discounts on non-sale items.

Moreover, you can make reports based on the date and specific time of a day, week, or month. Thus, not only it improves the customer experience but also boosts conversion rates.

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Competitive Pricing

One of the most important reasons why XStak is a good Brightpearl alternative is its pricing model. There are not many retail operating systems which offer end-to-end solutions. And those who are, they are often expensive including Brightpearl and Microsoft Dynamics. These tools ask for a premium price even for their starter plans.

Even though Brightpearl asks you to “never pay for more than you need,” it is still expensive. The company does not offer fixed pricing and instead focuses on costing for features that you chose to get. But as a business owner, you already know how upselling or cross-selling works, right?

Unlike Brightpearl, XStak offers usage-based pricing to its users coupled with a minimal floor pricing. This means you’ll only pay according to your usage of the retail operating system and there will not be any restriction on features. You won’t find any other software or tool in the retail industry which follows this approach. So you’ll be paying as you go and grow monthly without any hidden charges.

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Final Note

Brightpearl is a decent retail operating system and a worthy contender for the best ROS title. However, there are some deficiencies that might not fulfill the needs of retailers. That’s where XStak fills in the shoes as a suitable Brightpearl alternative. The next-generation retail management system goes far and beyond to cover the needs of retailers.

XStak offers better value than Brightpearl when it comes to pricing and quick automation. The no-code technique, end-to-end headless commerce solution with frontend, and seamless integration make it stand out. It is an ideal retail system for businesses that need BI reporting and want to integrate omnichannel solutions.

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