Dec 8, 2023

Top Cegid Retail Alternatives & Competitors | XStak

Many companies use Cegid Retail as their solution, but it might not be the best for every business. In this discussion, we'll look at some other options to Cegid Retail and explain why businesses might choose them. We'll also answer some common questions about Cegid Retail.

Whether you're currently using Cegid Retail and considering a switch, or if you're new to the platform and trying to decide if it's the right fit for you, this article will delve into what Cegid Retail offers and why you might find better options elsewhere. We'll highlight some top alternatives to Cegid Retail based on an analysis of its competitors, and explore why XStak - Retail Operating System ticks all the boxes.

Top Cegid Retail Alternatives

So, if you've concluded that Cegid Retail isn't the right choice for your needs, here's our list of five potential Cegid Retail alternatives.

  • XStak 
  • Microsoft Dynamics RMS
  • Retail Pro
  • Heartland Retail

1. XStak 

XStak is a retail operating system tailored specifically for e-commerce brands and retail businesses. It comes equipped with essential features, eliminating the need for additional expenses on customizations or unnecessary functionalities.

XStak leads the pack with its exceptional feature set:

  1. XStak's standout features include the automation of operations such as inventory management, order management, fulfillment, and POS. Businesses using XStak experience significant time savings through workflow automation, enhancing operational efficiency and resulting in a significant reduction in manual errors.
  2. XStak boasts a wide range of purpose-built, native integrations with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce and Magento, as well as seamless integration with shipping carriers, 3PL systems, accounting software and more. It is designed to efficiently handle high order volumes.
  3. XStak simplifies the returns process with an efficient Returns Management System (RMA), ensuring a smooth and customer-friendly experience.
  4. XStak incorporates a sophisticated recommendation engine, leveraging data to provide personalized product suggestions to customers, enhancing their shopping experience.
  5. XStak's segmentation engine allows businesses to target specific customer segments with tailored marketing strategies, maximizing the impact of campaigns.
  6. The platform provides real-time performance insights into inventory, sales channels, products, customers, and ad platforms. This enables strategic spending on profitable products, sales channels, and high-performing marketing campaigns.
  7. Recognizing the dynamic nature of the e-commerce and retail landscape, XStak offers the flexibility to seamlessly connect with cutting-edge tools through its fast open API. This adaptability allows businesses to quickly adjust to the demands of omnichannel commerce, a feat challenging for traditional and rigid ERPs.
  8. Beyond its software solution, XStak provides expert services. Before the contract signing, the experienced team thoroughly assesses your requirements and workflows, ensuring a smooth implementation process and optimal operational efficiency. This proactive approach minimizes the risk of project creep, avoiding budget and timeline overruns.
  9. XStak typically enables businesses to become operational three times faster than traditional ERPs like Microsoft Dynamics RMS and Cegid Retail. Additionally, XStak offers intuitive tech support, and ongoing business consulting—all included in the usage-based pricing model.

The system's robust capabilities, coupled with its flexibility and seamless integrations, make XStak an ideal choice for retail businesses looking to enhance their omnichannel retail operations.

Price: XStak provides personalized subscription plans tailored to your specific requirements, following a straightforward and transparent usage-based pricing model. All plans come with comprehensive support. Feel free to reach out to initiate a discussion about your unique needs.

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2. Microsoft Dynamics

Dynamics 365 stands as a cloud-based ERP system, boasting various modules designed to streamline diverse business operations, including commerce, marketing, finance, and supply chain management. These modules are available for separate purchase or as bundled packages.

In typical Microsoft fashion, the system exhibits a strong Microsoft-centric orientation, seamlessly integrating with other applications within the Microsoft ecosystem such as Office and Outlook. However, the available integrations beyond these are not immediately transparent.

While each module offers a rich set of features, leveraging the automation tools requires custom coding and scripting. Users have reported a steep learning curve, finding the software challenging to navigate for beginners due to a complex array of windows and tabs.

Notably, Dynamics 365 supports all mobile devices, including iOS and Android. Despite the existence of a mobile app, its features are limited. Businesses can choose specific modules tailored to their needs, but these modules may feel more like separate entities rather than a unified platform. Dynamics 365 is not inherently retail-focused.

Price: Microsoft Dynamics adopts a modular approach, with each module carrying its own separate cost. For instance, Marketing is priced at $1,500 per user per month, Customer Service starts from $50 per user per month, and Commerce begins at $180 per user per month.

3. Retail Pro

Retail Pro stands as a comprehensive retail management software platform, equipped with robust Point of Sale (POS), inventory, employee, and customer management capabilities, along with extensive back-office functionalities and advanced reporting features.

Elevate your retail operations by consolidating data within the Retail Pro POS system, providing a singular point of truth for inventory, operations, and customer information. This unified approach empowers you to fulfill your brand promise seamlessly.

Leverage Retail Pro's API for seamless integration of data across critical retail applications, ensuring a cohesive and interconnected system.

Enhance operational efficiency with Retail Pro's integrations and plugins, including direct links to SAP, streamlining various aspects of your retail operations.

The platform facilitates performance tracking and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting, enabling businesses to gain valuable insights into their operations and make informed decisions. Efficient replenishment and inventory management are seamlessly integrated, ensuring businesses can maintain optimal stock levels and streamline their supply chain processes.

Price: The license fee for Retail Pro is $119 for the initial user per location, with an additional charge of $99 for each extra user per location, all in USD. The initial subscription term is a minimum of 24 months.

4. Heartland Retail POS

Heartland Retail POS offers a cutting-edge and intelligent retail point-of-sale solution designed to meet the diverse needs of modern retailers. Here's an overview of its key features:

  • Omnichannel experiences syncing online and offline customer interactions.
  • Versatile payment acceptance supporting gift cards, debit cards, and mobile payments.
  • Real-time data insights through a best-in-class custom reporting engine.
  • Comprehensive retail management hub with mobile POS systems, CRM, inventory tools, and more.
  • Easy setup and training with simple and intuitive POS hardware options.
  • Transparent pricing model with a straightforward usage-based structure.
  • 24/7 customer support from a team of retail industry experts.
  • Range of POS products catering to retailers of all sizes and specific needs.
  • Entrepreneur-focused partnership, supporting small business owners in building remarkable enterprises.

Price: The POS system cost starts at $89 per month. While the provided content doesn't specify additional user charges or subscription terms, it indicates the starting cost for the POS system.

Why Consider XStak as an Alternative to Cegid Retail?

While Cegid Retail offers certain advantages, exploring alternative providers may present a more tailored and efficient solution for your business needs. Here are compelling reasons to consider an alternative, such as XStak:

Advanced Features - Recommendation and Segmentation:

Does Cegid Retail lack advanced features like a recommendation engine and segmentation capabilities? XStak enhances the customer shopping experience with personalized strategies.

Fulfillment Integration:

Does Cegid Retail seamlessly integrate with 3PL providers for optimal Warehouse & Fulfillment operations? XStak excels in this aspect.

Secure Payment Solution:

Is Cegid Retail lacking a secure online payment solution with PCI-DSS compliant embedded checkout experience? XStak provides a reliable alternative.

Last-Mile Delivery Solution:

Does Cegid Retail fall short in providing a comprehensive last-mile delivery solution with an owned fleet? XStak offers a robust alternative, ensuring reliable and timely deliveries.

XStak vs. Cegid Retail

Should you require additional insights, here are several key reasons highlighting why XStak stands out as the more intelligent choice for a modern retailer:

Feature XStak Cegid Retail
Focused specifically on E-commerce & Retail Businesses
Leverages Machine Learning for advanced product recommendations
Utilizes AI-powered visual search
In-house development and support for seamless E-commerce integrations
Directly integrates with a variety of E-commerce platforms
Integrated with 3PL providers for optimal Warehouse and fulfillment operations
Minimal need for extra customization, ensuring a straightforward implementation
Usage-based pricing model

Why Brands Trust XStak 

While vendors may always sing their praises, there's nothing quite like hearing it directly from satisfied customers. Here are a few positive reviews from businesses that made the switch to XStak and never looked back:

“We are a Dubai-based clothing company with our own brand, and we have an extensive range of collections, each featuring numerous items in a variety of sizes and colors, totaling over 1000 SKUs. To manage our vast inventory, both offline and online, we needed a real-time, user-friendly stock management system. After an extensive search, we chose to partner with XStak, and it's been a decision we haven't regretted.”

“XStak provides an intuitive system that simplifies inventory processes for our staff, offering a plethora of diverse reports. The invaluable aspect is the 24/7 support from their team, always responsive to any inquiry. Even when faced with unforeseen challenges, the team consistently finds solutions and evolves alongside us. Looking forward to a long and prosperous collaboration.”

Julia Sukhanova - Co-Founder, Nature Hedonist

Huzaifa Siddiqui - CEO, Insignia
''The best thing about XStak is the customizations they offer in their Order & Inventory Management System. We are able to manage all our orders, customers and products in a single place without too many integrations’’
Shalim Reuben - General Manager, EGO
We achieved an increase in daily online orders, revenue and customer satisfaction with multiple couriers integrated using XStak’s Order Management System. XStak has helped us scale with a 100% growth rate even in the pandemic. Thank you Team XStak!

Best alternative to Cegid Retail 

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