February 29, 2024

Best Alternative to Retail Pro POS - XStak POS | Features Comparison

XStak POS, an omnichannel cloud-based POS system, offers data security and a diverse range of customization for various businesses. XStak POS features a master inventory management system and real-time visibility of in-store operations. Retail Pro is an intuitive POS that features a single point for accessing and managing inventory and operations. It's time to start a new journey with XStak POS and XStak's strategically hosted cloud servers, allowing the best possible access and processing speed.

POS Features Comparison

Retail Pro

Usage based pricing model

Cloud/on premise deployment

Mobile responsive version

SKU and GTIN support

Product Recommendation Engine

Product Catalog Management

FBR Integration

Multi-store Stock Management

Inventory Audit Module

Centralized Inventory Management (web stores/physical)

BarCode Label Generation

Buy Online, PIS, and Ship from Store

Deep Customer Analytics

Customer Preview

Gift Cards

Cross location returns/Exchanges

Inventory and Sales Analytics

Role Based Access Control

Employee performance

Localized for regional requirements 

Why choose XStak POS?

POS offline version

XStak's offline version of its POS allows the smooth running of operations even without an internet connection.

shopdesk offer simple signup

XStak POS offers simple signup, setup, and configuration method. With XStak POS staff management, you can manage team hierarchy and assign different roles to users depending on your requirements. 

staff management POS rules

A responsive mobile version of XStak POS helps the staff support the customer with their online or in-store purchase. 

responsive mobile version

XStak POS is conveniently integrable with accounting software, e-commerce services, and CRMs with secure and efficient APIs. 

POS with accounting software

With XStak POS inventory adjustment management, you can conveniently use inventory audits to record damages or stolen goods. 

However, Retail Pro features a retail management system localized according to regional requirements.

What is XStak POS pricing model? 

Retail Pro is priced at USD 180 monthly for the initial user at each location, while XStak POS follows a usage-based pricing model that allows customers to pay only per transaction. XStak has a prominent number of small to mid-size retail brands using its POS as it continues to increase its presence in the global market. 

Additionally, XStak POS helps you avoid overstocking or stockouts with its centralized inventory. So start using XStak POS with its machine learning-based product recommendation system. 

Become An Omnichannel Retailer

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