February 28, 2024

5 Best Omnichannel Retail Software Solutions in Pakistan 2024

An omnichannel retail software is needed by modern retailers to compete and maximize their sales. In Pakistan the need and demand for retail software is increasing day by day. 

In this blog we will discuss the types of retail systems, top retail software solution providers and components of omnichannel retail software.

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Pakistan Online Retail Market

In 2020, Pakistani online retail was estimated to be worth $2.1 billion.

According to Research And Markets, the Pakistani Online Retail Market will reach $5.39 Billion by 2025 at a growth rate of 20.7%.

Pakistan Online Retail Market

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Types of Retail Software


Also known as legacy systems. Mainly consist of desktop computers and other hardware like POS cash drawer, barcode scanner, receipt printer etc. that can only be accessed locally. These systems are locally installed and also maintained locally with high IT infrastructure costs and maintenance costs. In on-premise retail systems, the software is on a local server or computer that will be managed by a team that handles manual updates, fixes problems, and so on.

Cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS):

Cloud based solutions are hosted on the vendor’s server and can be accessed in the store through software, application or mobile device. They are sold under a usage based pricing model. This service is cloud based and therefore more convenient because all updates, new features are applied automatically. A SaaS solution allows you complete customization and flexibility with quick launch with a low cost.

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Omnichannel Retail Software Solutions in Pakistan

Most retail systems have standalone solutions and the components of retail systems are not integrated to form a truly omnichannel solution. Only few retail software's are integrated but have high installation costs and one time costs. XStak is the only integrated retail operating system that provides a usage based pricing model.

Best Retail Software in Pakistan

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1. XStak 

XStak is all in one, self service retail operating system that enables retailers to perform Omnichannel Commerce, Marketing, Payments and Business Intelligence operations. 

XStak is World First Retail Software Solution that is available on a transaction based pricing model.

XStak Retail Solutions

XStak Commerce Solution

  • Product Management 
  • Online Order Management
  • Inventory Management 
  • Logistics Management
  • Multi-Channel Management
  • Multi-Vendor Management
  • Quick Commerce Solution

XStak Point Of Sale

  • Fully Cloud-based
  • Desktop & Mobile Responsive Version
  • Product Recommendation Engine
  • FBR Integration
  • Centralized Inventory Management (web stores/physical)
  • Deep Customer Analytics
  • Employee Performance

Omnichannel Marketing 

  • Loyalty Management solution
  • Customer Segmentation 
  • Product Recommendations
  • Multichannel Ad & Email  platforms integrations (Meta Ads, Google Ads, Mailchimp etc.)

Business Intelligence

  • Real Time Reports

Omnichannel Payments

  • Online B2C card payments
  • Offline B2C point of sales payments
  • BNPL Payments
  • Offline B2B vendor payments

XStak currently has over 110+ large retailers as customers worldwide, including some famous names like Bonanza Satrangi, Maria B, EGO, Chase up. 

2. Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud based business applications platform that provides customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP), along with performance tracking and artificial intelligence solution. 

Microsoft Dynamics Solutions

  • Microsoft Dynamics Point of Sales
  • Retail Management System
  • Microsoft Dynamics ERP 
  • Business Intelligence

3. Salesforce Commerce 

Salesforce Commerce Cloud empowers businesses to create seamless eCommerce experiences that connect all platforms by using an omnichannel model.

Salesforce Commerce Solutions

  • Product Management
  • Order Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Business Analytics 

4. Ginkgo Retail 

Ginkgo is an eCommerce operational solution platform that streamlines and automates all operational processes of online retailers. 

Ginkgo Retail Solutions

  • Product Management
  • Inventory Management 
  • Order Management 
  • Logistics Management
  • Multi Channel Management
  • BI Reporting 
  • Multi Vendor Management

5. Retail Pro

Retail Pro is a global player in retail software that streamlines digital and physical store management across multi locations and countries with one POS. 

Retail Pro Solutions

  • Point Of Sale 
  • Loyalty Program 
  • Reporting 

Retail Software Features Comparison Table

Features of Retail Solutions Microsoft Dynamics XStak Salesforce Commerce Ginkgo Retail Retail Pro
Omnichannel Capabilities
Point of Sale
Product Management
Order Management
Inventory Management
Logistics Management
Multi-Channel Management
Multi-Vendor Management
Product Recommendation Engine
Employee Access Management
Real Time Reports and Dashboards
Loyalty Management
B2B & B2C Payment Solution
Quick Commerce Solution
Usage Based Pricing Model

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Components of an Omnichannel Retail Software

<div id="Point_of_Sale_System" fs-test-element="Point of Sale System"></div>

Point of Sale System

Many retailers in Pakistan still use cash registers. But Point of Sale systems are getting popular too. Along with cash management, modern POS solutions do more, from storing customer databases, to tracking store inventory and monitoring staff productivity.

Modern POS Systems have the following benefits

Improves Customer Experience: A modern POS system provides quick checkouts, flexible payments, personalization of shopping experience

Optimizes Store Management: It gives a clear picture of a store’s inventory at all times

Helps make right decisions: Provides useful analytics on which items are in high demand.

An integrated omnichannel retail software system should have a POS system that is connected with the inventory and order management system. So the system updates the inventory count to show that the item is sold. 

<div id="Online_&_Offline_Payments" fs-test-element="Online & Offline Payments"></div>

Online & Offline Payments

An omnichannel payment solution integrates all online B2C card payments, online B2C buy now pay later payments, offline B2C point of sales payments. 

An ideal omnichannel payment solution provides you with instant online and offline payments solutions through its partnerships with payment service providers. You do not have to go to different service providers to get these solutions as it provides you with all the solutions under one umbrella while offering a lower processing fee than the market and hence brings down your onboarding time drastically. 

<div id="Stockouts_and_overstocks_in_inventory_management" fs-test-element="Stockouts and overstocks in inventory management"></div>

Stockouts and overstocks in inventory management

Inventory overstocks and stockouts can be a real problem for retailers. Using an inventory management solution can overcome this issue. Inventory items with barcodes can be tracked in real time as they move along the supply chain. So retailers gain visibility into the entire stock across stores and warehouses and can replenish when needed.

Using inventory analytics retailers can predict each SKU they need and distribute inventory items across stores and warehouses according to demand.

Benefits of Inventory Software

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Higher profits
  • Better coordination with vendors and suppliers
  • Higher inventory accuracy

An omnichannel inventory management software connects all parts of the supply chain. The software you choose should have the capability to integrate accounting, channel management and shipping components software's.

When different software's are connected into one centralized system, the inventory activity and data are synchronized. Orders are synced simultaneously across all your sales platforms, ecommerce platform, and channel management solution. These channels are integrated to make sure the correct item quantity is listed across sales channels.

Order Management 

Omnichannel order management is a software system that lets you access customer, order, and inventory information across all channels. It controls all orders across the whole system while providing the relevant information needed for ecommerce and point of sale systems to operate efficiently. 

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Manage Customer Loyalty 

In an omnichannel loyalty program, customers are rewarded for any purchase they make, from any channel, whether online, in-store or otherwise. Points are collected to be redeemed for products or discounts. 

<div id="Actionable_Insights_(BI)" fs-test-element="Actionable Insights (BI)"></div>

Actionable Insights (BI)

Business intelligence uses processes, architecture and technologies that convert raw data into meaningful information that creates profitable business actions.

It allows retailers to make sense of all customer behavior as customers search, browse, friend, like, tweet, blog, and shop. This is important to build efficient customer profiles to push new offers through sophisticated targeting.

Business Intelligence helps retailers to identify the buying patterns of related families of products with similar attributes on factors such as geography, demographics, size or volume.

retail software solutions

<div id="Retail_Software_Solutions_for_your_business_types" fs-test-element="Retail Software Solutions for your business types"></div>

Retail Software Solutions for your business types

<div id="Fashion_Retailers" fs-test-element="Fashion Retailers"></div>

Fashion Retailers

A problem fashion retailers face is handling their inventory among many warehouses. An omnichannel order and inventory management system integrates all these locations, increasing inventory levels available on the web store. An OMS provides real time KPI reporting enabled data-driven online marketing decisions, decreased dead stock, enables automated replenishments and significantly improves operations and delivery times. This OMS should be connected with a POS system to provide an omnichannel experience. A loyalty management software like Omniretain further provides customer retention through customer rewards and points management. XStak provides a POS Shopdesk, order management system Omnichannel Engine and loyalty management system Omniretain. Read two XStak OMS success stories; Bonanza and EGO.

<div id="Grocery_&_Supermarkets" fs-test-element="Grocery & Supermarkets"></div>

Grocery & Supermarkets

Nowadays customers require quick delivery from grocery shops and supermarkets in the near vicinity. Hence groceries and supermarkets require quick commerce, hyperlocal delivery retail software connected with a POS. In this software, the consumer chooses a store and product near him/her on a customer app and the store staff are informed of customer activity through their app and then finally an app for the delivery staff. This retail software also provides an admin portal which allows the admin to control the store order, catalog and inventory. XStak product Hypr provides this service which is connected with a POS. A loyalty management system like XStak Omniretain provides further customer retention.

<div id="Restaurants" fs-test-element="Restaurants"></div>


Restaurants have a lot of customers who order online or by phone for delivery to their homes. Hence a quick commerce software solution is needed to handle quick deliveries. A POS is needed for customers to dine in. An order management system will be needed if the restaurant has more than one branch. A loyalty management system will be needed for customer reward management through rewards and points for loyal customers.

Restaurant management software helps restaurant owners to keep track of inventory, orders and analytics. Managers and owners can use these tools to compare business practices at multiple locations.

Restaurant management software provides the following features: inventory management, POS,  accounting, order management, reservations and helps run both the front and back end of restaurants.

<div id="Bakeries" fs-test-element="Bakeries"></div>


All big bakeries with more than one branch need a POS and an order and inventory management system to manage inventory. Bakery management needs a detailed account for all products they must produce in a given time. Order management features include core information such as quantities and varieties. Bakery businesses with multiple locations need to integrate business information from all locations into a centralized database. This allows the necessary integration to optimize the business across all operations.

An Ecommerce ERP for a bakery on cloud can streamline all bakery operations. It includes an end to end order management workflow, financial reconciliation. It provides sales, inventory and marketing insights through data analysis and detailed marketing and sales reports, to analyze weekly, monthly and yearly progress. All this improves revenue and sales.

<div id="Pharmacies" fs-test-element="Pharmacies"></div>


Customers now require pharmacies to deliver medicines to their homes and quickly. So a quick commerce solution is needed. A POS is needed for over the counter customers and with more than one branch an order management system for inventory management.

Key features of a medicine delivery application include four user roles: an administrator, a user, a pharmacy manager and a courier. Each type of user has access to a certain feature with apps for users, staff and couriers.

<div id="Ecommerce_Retailers" fs-test-element="Ecommerce Retailers"></div>

Ecommerce Retailers 

(Home Decoration, Home Appliances, Toys Etc.)

For retailers that have both an online and offline presence an operating system is required that handles order & inventory management, syncs inventory in real time between web store and physical locations. It should have the ability to integrate with available POS systems that provide customer info and their purchase history. 
Delivery operations need to be managed while providing insights into courier operations based on location and product type. The customers demand real time tracking of their order.
The system should allow for an easy financial reconciliation between couriers and payment gateways.

Retailers should be able to reward their best customers with points that they can redeem on their future purchases. A loyalty management solution is a must for the growth of the business as you want your loyal customers to spend more and advocate for your brand while you try and acquire more customers.  

On top of all this an ideal operating solution must have powerful BI, allowing business to make intelligent decisions based on insights from the operations. By having insights from sales, inventory and marketing businesses can now make better informed decisions. This in turn helps grow profitability. 

<div id="All_In_One_Self_Operating_System" fs-test-element="All In One Self Operating System"></div>

All In One Self Operating System

XStak is the industry leader in self operating systems for retailers in Pakistan and abroad. It is the world's first retail operating system available on usage-based pricing.

It enables you to manage all your commerce, marketing, payments, and business Intelligence operations at a usage-based pricing model.

Most retail systems have standalone solutions that are not integrated. Only few retail software's are integrated but have high installation costs and one time costs. XStak is the only integrated retail operating system that provides a usage based pricing model

Operating System for Next-Gen Retailers

XStak provides an omnichannel experience with centralized workflows

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How do I choose a retail software?

The retail software should provide a complete omnichannel experience and includes order management, inventory management, payments, loyalty management and business intelligence. The retail software preferred should have usage based pricing.

Why is retail software needed by retailers?

In this era of automation and increasing competition, an omnichannel retail software is necessary to bring operational efficiency to your operations and to improve customer experience.

How much does a pos system cost?

The price of a pos system varies on complexity. Cost effective POS should be preferred. 

How do you set up a retail system?

If you buy a complete Omnichannel retail system like XStak, the company installs all integrated modules for you.

Which software is used in shopping malls & Retail Stores?

Retail Stores use a POS, an order and inventory management software and a loyalty management software with an integrated business intelligence layer..

Do we need technical Staff to operate retail software? 

Quality retail software like XStak software don’t need technical staff

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Do retail software work with Daraz, Amazon, Shopify, Woocommerce?

Yes, the best retail software like XStak works with third party application platforms like Daraz, Amazon, Shopify and Woocommerce. You can also explore the other plug and play XStak integrations.

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Retail software is needed by all retailers to survive in the modern era and XStak is the only integrated Omnichannel retail software solution that uses usage based pricing.

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