A headless, quick commerce platform that allows businesses to get online orders from customers in the vicinity of their stores and then instantly fulfill them with curbside pickup or route optimized delivery.

Scale your store delivery operations

Expose your catalog to a geo-restricted customer base in the vicinity of your physical stores through customer-facing white-label mobile and web apps

Automate your entire delivery management process from placement of order to fulfillment with the help of a packer and a rider app

Have greater visibility into your delivery operations through extensive business intelligence


Create Your Online Presence

HYPR helps you create an online presence and establish a direct communication channel with your customers through your mobile and web apps, which helps you engage and retain them

Scale Your Delivery Operations

HYPR helps you scale your delivery operations by automating the delivery management process leading to an increased number of quicker and more accurate deliveries

Achieve Operational Efficiency

HYPR helps you increase your profitability by ensuring efficient staff utilization and eliminating the need for manual processes


Expose your In-store Inventory Online

HYPR provides you with a customer-facing white-label mobile and web app which you can customize according to your brand identity and become visible to customers

Seamless Product Management

Instantly onboard products from your in-store inventory to your white-label mobile and web apps and start selling to customers in your vicinity

Order Management

Streamlines logistics by automating your entire delivery management process from placement of order to fulfillment with the help of packer and rider apps

Inventory Management

Access centralized location-specific stock quantity, product-wise low inventory alerts and stock recommendations

Route Optimization

Automated route optimization helps your riders choose delivery routes that are both time and cost-effective.

Curbside Pickup Or Home Delivery Option

Allow shoppers to choose between delivery and pickup options, depending on your business model.

Automatic SMS Notifications to Customers

Keep your customers updated by sending automatic SMS notifications in real-time

Reporting and Dashboard KPIs

Get a centralized view and complete control of all your delivery operations using Hypr dashboard

Case Studies

Case Study

Chase Up

HYPR - a product of Xstak - is a headless, hyper-local commerce, cloud based platform that allows businesses of any size to get orders from nearby customers and then instantly fulfills them. Since it’s headless, it can be integrated with any front-end template, POS, or back-end ERP. Hypr has an advanced order management system for e-commerce.

The Results
Increase In Monthly Sales
Increase in Repeat Purchases

What People Say About Us

"Thanks to the team behind Hypr by XStak, it really has been a great find. We at Chase Up have improved our e-commerce front manifolds. We're able to offer great UX for customers to order from us and we get different options and tools to make our picking and deliveries efficient. This is just the beginning as we aim to scale further using XStak's platform."

Ahmed Junaidi

Head of Marketing, Chase Up

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